Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Miss Patience Ozorkwor

Where is she lately

She is one of my favourite african actresses ("A" class league of her own) I miss her so much cos i dont see much of her lately and not even much ni 2010. I miss her in the village set or traditional movie. She makes me laugh so hard (she makes me laugh to tears) - and i admire her so much. The words that come out of her mouth sometimes is amazing, she acts evil so much acting good doesnt even suit her much (except in Behind Closed Doors).

I own all her movies that i love - most of them being the village theme ones.

I remember one time i watched a movie which begun with her holding a bible walking the streets of her local village humming some hymns and greeting everybody with a smile, and i almost choked on the water i was drinking cos i was thinking "Why is this woman holding a bible singing gospel on the streets" - i knew i had to take a seat cos aint no way this lady going to be good in this movie - and true and behold she was more evil in that movie than ever before - her popular conivinging, vindictive, canning characters - and she will do it all with her infectious smile.

My mom doesnt care for african movies but one day i forced her to watch Patience's movie starring opposite Grace Armah called "Fishers of Men" - my mom laughed to tears from beginning to end of that movie - i remember after Part 1 ended she was like - where is Part 2 - "I was like Mummy i thought you said you did not like african movies" lol

I could make a whole list of Patience quotes from her many movies - I remember one village set movie like that (i have to look in my library cos i forgot the title) - she was the mother to Nkiru Sylvanus. And one day this man that Nkiru was secretly seeing behind her moms back, got the guts to come to the house to ask Nkiru's hand in marriage holding a bag of hollandais wrappers to please Patience (Nkiru's mom). Patience was very hospitable when this man came because she knew the boys father, so she started of the conversation, gave the guy a seat, welcomed him very nicely and with all smiles, ask of his dad and what not, then after that he ask the boy

Patience: What brings you here

Boy: I was interested in your daughter and wanted to ask for her hand in marriage

Patience: Ehhh?? you want who to marry

Boy: Your daughter now

Patience: Oh so is that why you brought me all these hollandais wrappers. Abeg in this compound we dont breed UGLINESS, take your wrappers and all that ugliness and go to the next compound. We dont entertain ugly people in this house.

Have you looked at your face lately, how dare you with all that pure ugliness have the audacity to come into my house to ask for my daughters hand in marriage. Did you not see how handsome my late husband was? abeg carry your wrapper and pack your ugliness and leave my house

........... i swear i laughed for weeks on end remembering that comment - because the funny thing is the guy who played that character sure enough was not much of a looker and the way Patience was mean i was thinking - chei this will affect this boy in real life cos these insults are far from acting. These were insult harsh enough for one to commit suicide lol lol lol

By the way I still feel she is very underrated and should have been given more awards in her lifetime as an actress much more than some of these young people have. If there is no Patience in Nollywood movie - Nollywood movies will be very stale and boring. She is the real IT factor and needs tobe given more respect and PAID MORE.

I love you aunty Patience - we miss you and hope to see you more this 2011. We miss your infectious beautiful smile.

What are your favourite Patience Ozorkwor quotes and remarks that you heard her say in a movie?:


Anonymous said...

lol i laughed so loud at the comment...i tell everyone, Patience Ozorkwor anyday anytime...Did you see her with OmoT on Market Sellers?She was so love Mama Gee....More movies from her place....Ms TiLii have you watched any of the latest movies...Quiet Storm, I am King The Code, Good girls gone bad, Breaking News, Abondoned Son, Amanda bla bla bla

Miss T-i-l-i-i (African Movie Reviews) said...

Yes I have watched all the new movies and i think most of them go into my crap bucket, and as you know if its is not a classic buy or highly rated at least 8/10 - i wont waste space on this my blog to post it. Just see it this way - no movie pass me - i watch them all and if i dont review it - then its not worth the buy in my opinion. I use to review all movies but i changed that in 2009 and decided i was not goign to waste my time on the crap ones anymore lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks Miss T-i-l-i-i for that...i am a fan of Chidi Mokeme and i found this is directed by Afam Okereke...another good director...Here is the trailer...and thanks for the update...wont buy em...

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to know what happened to actor Pete Eneh. Somtimes we saw him act with Patience in a movie. Just all of a sudden, he is not seen in any movies recently.

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