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Before God and Man (Movie Review)

By Miss Tilii

I dont usually review movies less than my rating of 8/10 and this movie I rated 7/10 and I feel like it was worth the watch so I will review it.


- Jim Iyke as David

- Desmond Elliot as Alex (Davids cousin)

- Tontoh Dikeh as

- Jackie Appiah as

- Chiwetalu Agu as

- ChaCha Eke as

- Browney ???? as

Produced By: Sunday Stephen Nnamani

Directed By: Iyke Odife

Story By: Iyke Odife .

Editor: Kay Ode Afolabi.

Storyline (The grammar on the dvd box is just horrible, so i had to put in my own words):

David (Jim Iyke) was a successful business man, had a beautiful home and a pretty wife to match (Tontoh Dikeh). He was a good man and very generous (maybe a lil too much) and God had blessed him with success. David was well liked by everybody (at least he thought he was)and due to his overly kind gestures, his people wanted him as the new king for their community, however some leaders were also eyeing Davids cousin Alex (Desmond Elliot) as a possible contender.

David falls out with his cousin Alex because of this, and shortly after, gets involved in a sudden accident which leaves him paralyzed from waist down and wheel chair bound. His whole world turned upside down within a split second. Was this truly an accident?, was someone after David if so who was it and why? was it his fiancee, his cousin who was contending for the same throne as he was or was it some jealous members of the community. Watch it and find out.


Running Time

3 hours 44 mins - (Part 1, 2,3,4)

My Review:

By far i would say this is one of the best i have ever seen Jim Iyke play (a different character than his usual which definately shows his range and his versatility as an acclaimed actor) - and trust me i have seen all his movies.

As you all know i never give movies i deem good away - I will summarise here and there but thats it. Lets just say the movie was very emotional and took you through the highs and lows in emotions. No it was not predictable and thats a plus (although the culprit of the evil deed that befell David was predictable to me). Jim's acting was spectacular and highly convincing (he stammered in his role and did a great job at it - very convincing). Tontoh did very well too, but as usual vein popping neck thing she does to emphasize a point. At one point she was saying to her husband David, "The same bible you read also saids - "GOD HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES" -and Tontoh makes this statement with such strong emphasis (yall know how she does it) - and am sitting there thinking girl hush ya mouth- the bible never said that -go read your bible and find your self a good teaching pastor to teach you well before you say wrong things in movies that dont mean a damn thang.!. Thank God for my church - which "teaches" and does not preach. For years I also thought that statement was in the bible, the same way i thought the fruit eaten by Adam and Eve was an apple. Thank God for my church - I have learnt so much. There was a lot of crying in this movie - especially when David and his wife had to make some really tough decisions - very very very tough decision (reminds me of one popular and my old time favourite movie but if i mention title it will give this movie away so i wont).

Lets get it straight "God helps Those who help themselve is not a biblical statement.

Anyway back to my review - Like i said i have never seen Jim in such a highly emotional role as I did this movie. This is not the brain slapping, yankified LAFA slang speaking Jim we know. I wouldnt necessarily call this movie his biggest breathroughmovie because he is already a house hold name and a star, but after watching this am thinking - some great producer or director needs to consider stretching this mans talent - he got something we havent even seen yet (anything but a village movie - I saw Jim once playing a village boy starring with Ini Edo, and i laughed till i dropped - how can you be slanging in a village movie Jim - its kinda like the same with Ramsey Nouah - Ramsey will go as far to say "I will be back in a jiffy" in a village movie playing a village boy lol). I was so impressed with Jim in this movie and I encourage you all to try and grab it to watch it and tell me what you think.

Desmond did great too - obviously he is not one known to disappoint - he always goes all out and he does well.

Now save the best for last - Jackie. Jackie Jackie. Lord sweet Jesus, She was just blahhhhhhh as usual. Just pretty and prouncing round in the scenes. Not one memorable scene with her - well I guess you all know by now, she is not on my top list of actresses and neither is Nadia. None of their acting has whoed me yet, not even the overly hyped Beyonce Movie. I am not impressed yet. Yes she is pretty (very gorgeous she is) representing all "US" Ghanaian Dark & Lovelys - she is one of me (Ashanti) and i'd be the first to praise but am sorry , I tell it like it is and if I critiqued acting ability by looks Van Vicker would have won 10 Miss Tilii Oscars by now.

I said it once and i will say it again, looks are secondary to me on screen - just act the damn movie and stop prouncing around from one scene to the next not doing much but simply looking pretty and rolling eyes) - dont get it twisted Jackie is known to be not just pretty physically but she is also a very very very humble well brought up lady and anywone who works with her dont have anything bad to say about her demeanor and work ethic and for that am proud of her, but thats not what am talking about - I am talking about acting and care for great memorable phenomenal acting and I am not getting that from this girl. Period!! never did. Miss TiLii just tells it like it is - dont take it personal.

So shortly after the movie start, I saw ????? ....... ok am not going to say much here cos if i do it will be a dead give away but lets just say I was not the least surprise of who the culprit was behind Davids misfortunes. i will highlight this section and say what i had to say after you all watch the movie and lets see if your guess was as good as mine for whom the culprit was behind Davids accident.

So back to Jim, When i do my end of year Miss Tilii Awards I most definately will nominate him for this performance. Very impressive. Very emotional movie with lots of suspense -quite long but i sat through it somehow. Oh ChaCha Eke whom i have listed as rising star and actresses to look out for - is also in the movie.


Jealousy, Evil, Disability, Generosity, Impotency

My Rating:



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*the* chatter*box* said...

SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! the villian was... (just incase others have not watched) this guy is a beeaaaaastt!!...i firmly belive he is one of the most underated actors in nollywood...he is the bad guy we LOVE to hate and he will act the hell out of a character..

nwei firstly i think jackie was actually good in this role i felt she suited the part of desmond's wife..actually she was much more suited in my opinion than Tonto..however i do agree with you that she needs to give us more...

Tonto Tonto Tonto...i don't know who was advising her to on her costumes for her character coz she must not work with them again...if it was you Tonto...ehem ...i mean wats with all the cleavage?? in some of the dresses her boobs were begging to be released. Tonto needs to work on her diction an be carefull of swallowing her words..that is not her fault but she can work on it and another thing being emotive does not mean shout/loud..emotions are varied others can be expresse quietly and be just as powerful. lastly tonto needs to watch how she eats in the eating scenes, i have seen her in another movie as well...tiny mouthfuls coz u still need talk isnt ..tiny mouthfuls thats all you need..

Uncle Desmond was on point..

Finally Jim..well he really presented his character well.. the only thing i will critique him on is the crying scenes..just like i said for tonto emotions can be expresse quietly as well...other than that good job...

Please when will we get a proper soundtrack and a movie that does not have part 3 and 4...i felt the story was on a thin thread but thankfully it ended. More lighting please!!!

good movie good cast!!

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