Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beyonces "Move Your Body" Video

The summer is around the corner - for those of us trying to loose a few pounds - here goes. Great workout with Sister Bee -This is a newly released video in partnership with First Lady Michelle Obama and National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation - to combat obesity amongst american kids and to encourage them to be more active and work out more). Gotta love Beyonce - as Rapper Fabulous will say "She still killing em". We cant wait for your new album Bee - hurry up with it, the haters are shivering whenever you coming out cos they know they dont have a chance of competing with your numbers on the billboard. You move major weight (album sales) across the globe - we miss you.

Enjoy the Video

(ps: I love the video and the fact that they put a hint of my old favourite movie "Flash Dance" in it, and Whao, I see Bee be doing that infamous "Dougie" dance - Chris Brown, you need to call Bee and do a dance off on this one lol - dont think you r the best yet)

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