Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another Wow! from WOW! Magazine - First Ini Edo now Tontoh Dikeh

Guys enjoy these photos. 2 months ago it was Ini Edo, now its Tontoh Dikeh both featured in Nigerian top Magazine -"Wow Magazine" - i may not agree with all of Tontohs choice of roles, or her trying to emphasize a strong point with veins screaming down her neck in her acting- but nonetheless, i tell it like it is, she sure is pretty young lady - photoshop or not (thank u wow!magazine for not showing her tattoes - the one she jacked from Rihanna).

Now whom i want to see next and I dont have a doubt she will be next is Mercy Johnson - I like Mercy A lot and want that photo to be fire!!! - less photoshop though cos like these two ladies below they are all beautiful. I'd also like to see Nse. I'd like to see my older veterans too RMD, Olu and Joke Jacobs, Patience Ozorkwor, Ngozi Ezeonu, etc etc

We have seen great photos of Genevieve Nnaji and Rita Dominic in the past from various Magazine since they are in a league of their own but it wouldnt hurt to see them on Wow too. As for the men, we the ladies want to see some six pack - if not uuuu - if nottuuu (in my igbo accent) - then abeg - carry go - i dont want to see no love handles and abs looking like a bowl of oat meal. But for real though Ramsey on the cover wouldnt hurt - but apart from Ramsey i dont any other male in mind - maybe Joseph Benjamin - but he has not become a household name yet - he needs to pay his dues first no matter how fine he is (u tink u be fine boy so you can pass).

I'd also like to see a photoshoot with the up comers i have listed in this thread http://myafricanmoviereviews.blogspot.com/2011/02/2011-miss-tilii-list-of-upcoming-new.html just like Vanity Fair does with Hollywood Next Best IT actors and actresses - maybe do one every few years say "Class of 2011/12. Wow! Magazine i hope you are reading this - i think this will be an excellent idea - and by the way for us in the diaspora how do we subscribe to your mag - cos i am willing to do that. I like it. Enjoy.

source: letswowyou

ps: someone emailed me to ask my favourite of the two above - I would have to say Ini's is a bit classier - personally i prefer her cover. Errbody knows by now in 2011 that Ini upgraded a notch from her razz days - lost some weight and changed her wardrobe, she slowly crept her way up and i can boldly say now her razz days our history. Some others have a long way to go and the one person i wish for the most to turn 180 degrees is Mercy cos truth be told she has the best body in Nollywood - bar none. I still have hope for her. May the impending WOW photoshoot do some justice. I bet attention seeking Rukky is craving to be on Wow!!! (lol lol lol)

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Anonymous said...

I hope WOW Magazine would be able to put in the front cover of their magazine Nonso Diobi and Ebube Nwagbo.

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