Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nollywood Actresses Who Also Write Movie Scripts/Storylines

By Miss Tilii

I know though many watch these african movies not all of you may pay attention to who write some of these scripts or storylines - and you will be surprise to know

-Uche Jumbo - well for some one who graduated with a bachelors in Math and Statistics you should know Uche aint no air head - she is smart. Uche has written many scripts way before she became a household name as an actress.

- Ruth Kadiri - i am so loving this chick right now and I think she is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to script writing - She also stars in some of the movie she writes and she is a "good" actress. I will list her movies she has written in a minute. I dont think Ruth has been in the industry that long and if she continues to improve like she is in her writing - the sky is the limit. I also mentioned her here as one of the up and coming actresses to watch out for.

- . Nuella Njubigbo - you all know I admire this girl a lot as i stated here too- also a good actress and she also writes some of the scripts to several movies. I will list some of the movies all of them have written in the past once i compile them all and find their photos to attach.

For Ruth Kadiri i urge all of you to buy her upcoming movie titled "Ladies Men" - great story line every woman can relate to. I am waiting on a movie Jacket for this movie and wide distribution of this movie.

We also wait patiently on the fellas (actors) to come up with some great scripts - SOME DAY!!! lol. Oh Maybe Women should just take over the whole african movie industry (production, directing, writing etc) period lol - am just saying lol. Its a joke guys - keep ya knickers on. lol

We need more great script writers - because we lack seriously! - its like an emergency.

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