Friday, March 25, 2011

Why I dont care for Nollywood-USA Collabo Movies

Especially ones starring Bunny wachmacallit (dont know her last name - all i remember are her fake lacefronts and contact lenses), Van Vicker, Desmond Elliot (and lately Ini Edo) and mostly shot in the VA, DC, MD or Houston area with a bunch of mediocre "CAN'T ACT" lacefront, blue contacts LAFA (locally acquired foreign accent) accent chicks.

I have seen a few enough to deter me and to make me stay way clear. i want my african movies african set period - any collaboration has to be top notch - or just leave it alone and stop polluting.

Its bad enough Mr Cuteness cant act a lick (we all know that, but he is cute so we will just watch him on mute for now)- but to team him up with such bad actresses - its pure torture for my eyes. . 1+1=2 , but i dont need 2, 1 is bad enough - cant have 2. lol .

coming soon with my longer commentary (long overdue).

You cant pay me to watch these ish. Absolute waste of precious time and definately not worth a dime. Dont say i did not warn you.

Dont let them fool you putting in Desmond, Ramsey or some famous Nollywoodian, i guarantee you these movies aint worth your dime. Van by now you should know will say yes to anything - its bad enough we see his non acting *** in these movies but to couple it with these bad actresses - you need a whole bottle of paracetamol to get thru these movies.


Nollywood Forever said...

Hey girl. Could you change the link for my blog to cos you got the link to the wordpress one which I stopped 2 years ago. thats weird its still there!entily

Anonymous said...

hi,my name is blessing.pls can you leave me and email.just incase you know anywer hollywood/USA is doing auditions?? i really want to act bcos i beleive am talented.i live in houston TEXAS and
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Anonymous said...

Ms T. i agree with you on some of the movies shot in The US are wack but the movie "THE BET" was actually a good movie, i dont think they needed van vicker, plus he did not act too good in the movie though.But yes i still think most movies shot here are not up to par

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