Thursday, March 3, 2011

BEWARE: "THEY" have started repackaging again

This is just a warning to you all - They are it again (as they always do) and started repackaging old movies as though they were new. Look out for it. I will post a few titles this saturday.
In 2008 when i first started this blog, i posted about 30 different title of movies which were simply repackaged old movies or simply old movies they retitled to deceive the buyer. They will use all tricks in their books to maximise their profits (they dont care what you the audience thinks) even if it means putting out crap after crap movie, splitting a 90 minutes movie into 6 parts, repackaging it or retitling it - whatever it takes. You have to learn the tricks of the trade and you wont be bamboozled like was for two years when i started watching these movies about 10 years ago. You always have to be one step ahead of the game with these people.
Dont waste your money - just be careful and make sure you have not watched it already (they even change the sypnosis) - you will be simply throwing money in the drain.


Nollywood Forever said...

I hear you. It is an ongoing battle, and then they complain about piracy. People are not willing to be DEFRAUDED over and over again.

Nicole said...

Hiya Ms. Tilii,

Looking out for your list and wanted to mention one in case you don't have it already. Garden of Eden is a "repackaged" Lover's Creek from 4 or so years ago. Repackaging isn't their only issue... Sometimes it seems like films are given a pre-production title and somewhere along the line, they decide to change or settle on what they believe to be a more appropriate title so that the movie floats around under both, like this film "Mirror of Life" which also goes under the name "Sustain My Love." Anyway, hope all is well. Good week to you

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