Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SACRED LIES (Movie Review)


-Genevieve Nnaji as Isabella

-Nadia Buari as Yvonne

-Desmond Elliot as Michael

-Ekow Smith Asante as Uche

-Olu Jacobs as Father Theodore (Your Grace - whatever that means!!!)

-Susan Peters as Natasha .
Produced By

Kingsely Okereke, Chisom Juliet Okereke .
Directed By

Ikechukwu Onyeka. .

Chisom Juliet Okereke

Human Trafficking, Kidnapping,
My Review:

Where do i even start.
My Ratings:


(Genevieve can only do so much, so just paying her to star in your movie doesnt make it a classic, if your script is not that great and some of the other actors are just not up to par due to poor direction.)

I know Genny shot this movie at least a year and a half ago and i doubt today if given this script she will take it. When we get to a level in the industry where the artist talent and experience has surpassed the producer and directors ability to do their jobs and challenge the artist and make the movie a classic - HOUSTON! we have a problem - and this is where we are now in the industry. If Leonardo Di Caprio was not challenged by Martin Scorcese movie after movie after movie , he would not have grown as he has. .

Maybe moving forward our great talents should be extra careful whom they work with and ask thy self "Is this role going to make me shine and challenge me to the best of my ability in order for me to grow my talent and at the same time let my audience enjoy it to the max". The "few" great talents we have have hit a glass ceiling in our african movie industry - not good enough producers to challenge their great talent to newer heights.)

Check out the below CNN interview where she saids "I want to be further Challenged"


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Nollywood Forever said...

I just got finishing watching the 3 and 4 Heartless this weekend. It actually got better. where have you been girl? I went to check out your other site but it has disappeared!

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