Saturday, March 5, 2011

JUMPING THE BROOM (An Upcoming Black Hollywood Movie)

Coming out Mothers day - look out for it. I am looking forward to seeing Laz Alonzo and Gary Dourdan.



Anonymous said...

Hi Miss TiLii,just recently I was watching 2 movies Blood Sister and Hour of Grace and I was wandering what happened to child actors who acted in the movie. The little girl who acted as Omotola's daughter and the boy who acted blind in Hour of Grace. I think these 2 children have a lot of potential and the right person grooming them they can make it big. Also how come African movies do not have child stars.Eg.Raven Symone on the Cosby show. I know we cannot compare with American television but I could not help but wonder.

Anonymous said...

Yes the movie does look good, and I will always support good, wholesome black movies, lol. Ooooh my sweetie pie Gary's in it.

SHADDERS said...

love your blog, not alot of people blog about, movies well done will keep reading xoxox

Lady Jaye said...

Miss Tilii -

Have you seen the new movie trailer with Jackie Appiah, Emeka Ike and Hilda Dokubo? It looks great! when it is coming out, do you know?

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