Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SACRED LIES (Movie Review)


-Genevieve Nnaji as Isabella

-Nadia Buari as Yvonne

-Desmond Elliot as Michael

-Ekow Smith Asante as Uche

-Olu Jacobs as Father Theodore (Your Grace - whatever that means!!!)

-Susan Peters as Natasha .
Produced By

Kingsely Okereke, Chisom Juliet Okereke .
Directed By

Ikechukwu Onyeka. .

Chisom Juliet Okereke

Human Trafficking, Kidnapping,
My Review:

Where do i even start.
My Ratings:


(Genevieve can only do so much, so just paying her to star in your movie doesnt make it a classic, if your script is not that great and some of the other actors are just not up to par due to poor direction.)

I know Genny shot this movie at least a year and a half ago and i doubt today if given this script she will take it. When we get to a level in the industry where the artist talent and experience has surpassed the producer and directors ability to do their jobs and challenge the artist and make the movie a classic - HOUSTON! we have a problem - and this is where we are now in the industry. If Leonardo Di Caprio was not challenged by Martin Scorcese movie after movie after movie , he would not have grown as he has. .

Maybe moving forward our great talents should be extra careful whom they work with and ask thy self "Is this role going to make me shine and challenge me to the best of my ability in order for me to grow my talent and at the same time let my audience enjoy it to the max". The "few" great talents we have have hit a glass ceiling in our african movie industry - not good enough producers to challenge their great talent to newer heights.)

Check out the below CNN interview where she saids "I want to be further Challenged"


Monday, March 28, 2011

THE LOVE OF AA: (Kwaw Ansah's New & Upcoming Movie)

Mr. Kwaw Ansah has a prestigious record of producing the finest of films and features many of whom won great laurels for Ghana and Africa. The famous “Loved Brewed In The African Pot” shot in 1980 has been distributed in many countries throughout the African continent where it broke Box Office records.Heritage Africa which was also shot in 1988 won the FESPACO Grand Prix ( Etalon de yennega) Organization of African Unity best Film and many other International Awards. Since Heritage Africa, Kwaw Ansah has made historical Prize Winning Documentary Crossroads of the People; Crossroads of Trade commissioned by the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC. It won the FESPACO 1990 Best Documentary and Best Production Awards. Other works from the Studios of Film Africa include the Hopes on the Horizon, The Golden Stool, The Flag Star, National Order of Burkina Fasso and the Living Legend.

With these array of beautiful and thought provoking productions, “The Good Days” is poised to be another show piece and Block Buster.“The Good Old Days” is the umbrella title of Kwaw Ansah’s (a renowned film writer and Director, who needs no introduction as far as the film industry is concerned) next film project. The package consists of 24 episodes, with different subtitles, treating different themes relevant to the Ghanaian family life as in the “Good Old Days”.The film project deals with the adventure of a family of eight and is set in the 1950s and 1960s. It is a healthy mix of “love”, “comedy” and “tragedy” which is designed to capture the nostalgic imagination of its audience and appeal to all age groups.


Each episode brings back the joyful memories of our way of life in the years gone by.The love of AA is an intriguing and compelling story of love, family life, childhood mischief and pranks. It ends with a mixture of comic and tragic events that are sure to capture the imagination of the viewing public and cause people to re-examine their interpersonal relations, which tends to pose a great challenge to society.


Watch out for the premier of this movie soon.The cast and crew are a fusion of experienced and professionals in the movie industry as well as highly dedicated, enthusiastic and talented young men and women.


Among the crew is Anima Misa Amoah- co-producer, Bob Johnson- Dir. Of Photography, Sackitey Amishadai- Senior Cameraman, Kofi Sefa and Danour Doria – sound men, Kwame Obuo Owusu and Ben Owusu Achiaw as production Managers. The likes of Albert Jackson-Davis, Nana Akowa Sackey, Mawuli Semevo, Evelyn Ansah Galley , Van Hatse, Aaron Adatsi, Lois Asare, as the list goes on and on in terms of cast. It is set to be premiered in 19th and 20th November, 2010.Below are some pictures of The Good Old Days.


source: ghanaweb


Ohhh am so happy about this news, i hope Kwaw and Shirley and all our best directors and producers come out and ran these other illiterate fools (giving ghana movie industry a bad name) - out of business.


Welcome back the true legends and true professionals to really show the world what Ghana has to offer - the best of the best, with excellent scripts and production which does not need foreign names like Beyonce, Tyra, Rihanna nor soft porn scenes in their movies - to be successful. I prayed that uncle Kwaw comes back and i am glad he is. Ghana government should support movie makers of such - their movies can easily make it to sundance.



March 2011: GHANA VS ENGLAND game

Though i have never discussed my favourite game soccer on here cos this is a movie blog, I cant wait for my Ghanaians to whop Englands asses tommorow (Mar 29th 2011). Chei I cant wait, i wish i was back home in London tommorow chilling with my fam watching this. As for this, i have never betted a game, but i will put my money on this. . Prince, Muntari, bring it on - lets show them we were born and raised on fermented kenkey. .

Friday, March 25, 2011

Why I dont care for Nollywood-USA Collabo Movies

Especially ones starring Bunny wachmacallit (dont know her last name - all i remember are her fake lacefronts and contact lenses), Van Vicker, Desmond Elliot (and lately Ini Edo) and mostly shot in the VA, DC, MD or Houston area with a bunch of mediocre "CAN'T ACT" lacefront, blue contacts LAFA (locally acquired foreign accent) accent chicks.

I have seen a few enough to deter me and to make me stay way clear. i want my african movies african set period - any collaboration has to be top notch - or just leave it alone and stop polluting.

Its bad enough Mr Cuteness cant act a lick (we all know that, but he is cute so we will just watch him on mute for now)- but to team him up with such bad actresses - its pure torture for my eyes. . 1+1=2 , but i dont need 2, 1 is bad enough - cant have 2. lol .

coming soon with my longer commentary (long overdue).

You cant pay me to watch these ish. Absolute waste of precious time and definately not worth a dime. Dont say i did not warn you.

Dont let them fool you putting in Desmond, Ramsey or some famous Nollywoodian, i guarantee you these movies aint worth your dime. Van by now you should know will say yes to anything - its bad enough we see his non acting *** in these movies but to couple it with these bad actresses - you need a whole bottle of paracetamol to get thru these movies.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RIP Elizabeth Taylor

Today is a sad day for me indeed, One of my favourite Hollywood Legend has just passed away today - actress Elisabeth Taylor. I loved loved loved loved that woman. Her great acting, her gracefulness, charisma and how much an esquisite lady she was. Just pure class. And how can i forget my favourite movie of her of all time which i still WISH someday they will be the african version starring Genevieve Nnaji (Elizabeth Taylor) and Ramsey Nouah (Paul Newman)- the movie is "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and who else to play Big Daddy than Olu Jacobs lol - check out my tags to read what i wrote on it before. In the mean time check out the trailer to a scene of that movie. If you have never watched this movie ever - you are missing big time - i am a real sucker for classic old Hollywood Movies (even black and white) - I watch it all - I just love movie.

All her movies were great. There will be no actress as great as her from HOllywood - she will surely be missed. I hope they reproduce the movie on Blue Ray - i own it but i want my blue ray version with hd quality. I love this movie so much.

Rest in Perfect Peace Dame Elizabeth Taylor.


Private Enemy (An Upcoming Nollywood Movie)

Here is an upcoming movie starring Kofi Adjololo, Ini Edo, Mike Ezerounye, Halima Abubakar and almighty and overaacting Tontoh Dikeh and all her gra gra. We look forward to it.


Stigma (An Upcoming Nollywood Movie)

An upcoming movie starring nigerian veteran actress Hilda Dokunbo and Jackie Appiah. Trailer seems good and the storyline is something prevalent to society - AIDS/HIV and the stigma that comes with it in our african society. I look forward to watching it.


Familiar Strangers (Upcoming Ghana Movie)

Check Out the trailer - I have my eye on this one because it has two of the ladies i mentioned here to look out for (Ghana's actresses Luckie Lawson and Roselyn Ngissah - if i have my eye on you as one with great potential - i make it a point to pay real good attention to all your movies to see how you are growing). Pascal is not my favourite producer, but i will watch the movie nonetheless to see the ladies


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vodafone Ad (Ghana)

Today i so miss home (ghana) and stumbled on this advert i had never seen before. Quite funny actually - Its an advert by Vodafone


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

BEWARE: "THEY" have started repackaging again

This is just a warning to you all - They are it again (as they always do) and started repackaging old movies as though they were new. Look out for it. I will post a few titles this saturday.
In 2008 when i first started this blog, i posted about 30 different title of movies which were simply repackaged old movies or simply old movies they retitled to deceive the buyer. They will use all tricks in their books to maximise their profits (they dont care what you the audience thinks) even if it means putting out crap after crap movie, splitting a 90 minutes movie into 6 parts, repackaging it or retitling it - whatever it takes. You have to learn the tricks of the trade and you wont be bamboozled like was for two years when i started watching these movies about 10 years ago. You always have to be one step ahead of the game with these people.
Dont waste your money - just be careful and make sure you have not watched it already (they even change the sypnosis) - you will be simply throwing money in the drain.
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