Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oscar Fail 2011

Well Well Well
i forgot to tell you all that the nominations were made last week or so. Colored Girls was not nominated for any category whatsoever and obviously my white husband Leonardos name didnt come up anywhere either - so i guess i will not be watching this years festivities. I will peep the red carpet and hope someone trips and falls, but I will not watch the show whatsoever. lol Anuofias!!!.

"Madea you tell em - lol, now thats the real "BLACK SWAN" on some "KING SPEECH" ish lol. To say the show will be boring is an understatement.


1 comment:

Miz B said...

Miss Tilli! What in the world?!!! WHERE in the world did you get this crazy ass picture of Midea? lol! Got to snatch it! lol! Permission to thief it! lol!

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