Thursday, February 24, 2011

2011 Winners of Pan African Film Festival

2011 winners and honourable mentions for the PAN AFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL held in Los Angeles are as follows
Best Picture (Narrative Feature)
-Besouro (Brazil), directed by João Daniel Tikhomiroff
Honorable Mention:
- The Athlete (Atletu) (Ethiopia), directed by Davey Frankel & Rasselas Lakew
Best Documentary Feature
-Thunder Soul (USA), directed by Mark Landsman
Honorable Mention:
-War Don Don (USA), directed by Rebecca Richman Cohen
Best Short Film (Narrative Short)
-The Abyss Boys (South Africa), directed by Jan-Hendrik Beetge
Honorable Mention:
-Hear Me (USA), directed by Kenn Michael
First Feature Film by a Director (Narrative Feature)
-I Will Follow (USA), directed by Ava DuVernay
Honorable Mention:
-Hopeville (South Africa), directed by John Trengove
Audience Award Narrative Feature
- The First Grader (Kenya/UK), directed by Justin Chadwick
Audience Award Documentary Feature Film (Documentary Feature)
- Gang Girl: A Mother’s Journey to Save her Daughter (USA), directed by Valerie Goodloe

Audience Award Short Film
-The Black Mozart in Cuba (Guadeloupe), directed by Steve James

Pan African Film Festival Board of Directors Awards
Best Short Film
- Precipice (UK), directed by Julius Amedume

Best Documentary Film
-The Manuscripts of Timbuktu (South Africa), directed by Zola Maseko
Best Feature Film (Best Feature Narrative)
Viva Riva! (DRCongo/France/Belgium/South Africa), directed by Djo Tunda Wa Munga
Honorable Mention:
-The Child, (Nigeria), directed by Izu Ojukwu (SO PROUD OF YOU IZU!!)
-The Figurine (Nigeria), directed by Kunle Afolayan

Pan African Film Festival-British Academy of Film and Television Arts/LA (BAFTA/LA) Festival Choice Award
- I Sing of a Well (Ghana), directed by Leila Djansi



Anonymous said...

Congrats to Kunle Afolayan, Leila Djansi and Izu Ojukwu. If Nollywood and Ghollywood movie producers take their time and produce great scripts they can make it big in the international scene. Also why is it that Nigerian and Ghanaian movie industry have to have "wood" in their names. Have something indigenous as a name for the movie industry.

My African Movie Reviews said...

They have wood because the village champions and illiterates who are NOT CREATIVE came up with that name. India started so they followed suit and think its cute - when its stupid as hell.

Ask again. As long as am Ghanaian - the ghana one wont stick. I will make as much noise and make sure that name be changed.

Dont forget cameroon followed suit calling themselves CAMWOOD, and Sierra Leone call themselves SOLLYWOOD the only smart bunch amongst the african movie industry is KENYA and SOUTH AFRICA

Every other market is saturated with illiterates village champions who lucked out on money and want to produce or stand behind a camera and say i am a director or producer and they dont see anything wrong with the name WOOD cos as always never creative and want to emuulate Yankee "HOLLYWOOD"

Photography & Film Critic said...

At least our Brothers and Sisters in the still photography fields have their acts together.

I am interviewing an International Wedding Photographer that covers weddings around the world whom happens to be a Nigerian.

Mr Abi Yeni Rotimi

check out his work at

and theres so many more.

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