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2011 Miss Tilii List of Upcoming New Actors/Actress to Look Out for

By Miss Tilii

3 years ago i made the following list below in this thread

. We are now in 2011 and here is my new list. These are actors/actresses i consider good but "not great yet", but with great direction and choice of good scripts they could go far. I wish them the best. (ps: if you frequent my blog you will know my definition of a good or great actor or actress:

Articulate + Eloquent + Can bring the character to life and make it believable and ofcourse + having great looks is also a plus.

Though I am extremely picky, i have concluded with the following list of people.

Miss Tilii's List of Up & coming Actresses to look out for in 2011.

- Nuella Njubigbo (Nigerian) - though she is not necessarily new, she is still not a household name yet and i want her to be - so you guys should watch out for her. I really like Nuella. Recently she is in "PALACE CRISIS / PALACE ON FIRE". The movie is not necessarily a classic though watchable- the director/producer insults the audience intelligence in so many scenes like one minute she is heavily pregnant next day stomach flat, next day heavily pregnant again - that turned me off and i dont care for it enough to review it (besides am tired of royal theme movies and movies with background songs with lyrics that give the movie away), none the less all i can say is Mercy Johnson made me laugh in this movie- that girl is a comedienne for real i swear- Mercy ya craze no get level - you kill these men with ya nyash!!! - and as for Van in this movie - God how is it possible to create a man so handsomely fine yet so boring on screen - you gave it to Pat Attah and Ekow Smith too - Why Lord Why. I sometimes had to cringe in some of the scenes with Van cos his acting is so bad -bad is an understatement)

Nuella acted very good in it and several other movies she has been in. She is also a good match in romantic lead roles with Jim Iyke and Yul Edochie - she has excellent chemistry with either of these two actors- personally i want to see more of her - but for her to work with a director who will make her shine and make her come out with a break through movie like Ini Edo did with "World Apart" which made Ini a household name.

She is pretty too. Lately, slowly but surely, the new girls are not just pretty faces but a few have great potential to act well and that is good - just like i have said with my list below (eg ChaCha, Yvonne, Martha etc etc).

- Yvonne Okoro (Ghanaian) - starred in "The Game" and "4 Play"

- Martha Ankomah (Ghanaian) -

- ChaCha Eke - (Nigerian)

- Rosalyn Ngissah (Ghanaian) - starred in "The Game" and "4Play" .

I have heard about Memory Savanhu (Zimbabwe) but I am yet to see her in anything to make my final judgement. Miss Tilii watces out for her.

Miss Tilii's List of Up & Coming actors to look out for in 2011

-Seun Akindele (Nigerian) -

-Paul Sambo (Nigerian)

-Daniel K Daniel. (Nigerian)

i would've add Joseph Benjamin - but i havent seen the long anticipated movie "Tango With Me" yet to make my judgement - however the trailer looks good. As for the guys its so hard finding them i guess, No new person impresses or whao me yet. They are just ok in my opinion or force force

All the above listed have started off fine - but we all know many are called few are chosen, and based on their individual choices of scripts and characters they choose to play and how they build the CV overtime - some may remain standing 5-10yrs from now - others will clearly fade away (like many have done in the past) - so a word to the wise is enough.

Choose your scripts wisely and also the producer/director you choose to work with who will give you challenging roles and make you shine. You can never go back to erase wrong choices of scripts you have done.

i will add more later as i notice them. If you have BETTER suggestive names -tell me i will watch their peformance and I will make my judgement call.



Nigerian Film and TV Addict said...

u shud probably watch jungle ride to see joseph benjamin. i wasn't that impressed but he has potential though. tango with me might not even be out till the end of this year.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure how someone like Yvonne Okoro could be considered an upcoming new actress given that she has been around for four years now and she shared the best actress award with three other actresses at the ghana movie awards (I don't understand how the organisers came to the decision to award to 4 actresses instead of just picking one)

My African Movie Reviews said...

Yes I consider Yvonne Okoro as Upcoming in my books cos though she has been acting since BEYONCE 5 yrs ago, she took a break in france to complete school and now that she is back full time - finally people are taking notice - so this is why i consider her upcoming. She is not a household name yet - so she is upcoming. No matter how many years you have acted if you are not a household name and people dont remember you by first name basis then you are "Upcoming"

As a ghanaian i can tell you all this award shows are usually organised by "most" illiterates who just want to throw a party. I am no expert but they are DEFINATELY no experts on what to classify as good, great or not.

I dont respect those apuskeleke awards. I mean for anyone to award a person like Juliet Ibrahim goes to show that award show aint worth a dime.

If you cant be honest with these actresses and let them know the real truth about their acting - how else are they suppose to improve.

I said it it once and i will say it again, apart frommost cast that Shirley Frimpong Manso uses, plus Majid, and upcomers like Yvonne Okoro and Martha Ankomah - i dont notice anybody else in our ghana industry. Yes am ghanaian but i dont sugarcoat ish. I tell it like it is.

Miss T-i-l-i-i (African Movie Reviews) said...

To the one who sent me email saying they disagree with my list - to each his own. You are entitled to your opinion.

And for the record i did not name Joseph Benjamin on my list of upcomers (the male list is in blue did you see his name on the list??)on this thread. If you read C-L-E-A-R-L-Y - i stated i will make my judgement call after watching Tango with Me.

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