Friday, January 28, 2011

"KEZIAH and MR IBU" versus "KEZIAH" (Not the Same Movie)

The above movie jacket is the newly made Keziah and Mr Ibu which is a continuation (i guess) from the original "Keziah" released 3 years ago as seen on the movie jacket below - My raves about Mercy's award winning performance is about her performance in Keziah (as seen below).

Once again,let me clarify that the
award winning performance by Mercy Johnson was in the movie "Keziah" (onye -obioma).
Keziah and "Keziah" and Mr Ibu" are two different movies.
This new one called "Keziah and Mr Ibu" also stars John Dumelo. If you want the all time classic which i can guarantee you will laugh throughout and you would enjoy Mercy excellent performance - I will have to say, ask your dealer or wherever you shop you want the original "Keziah" which came out 2/3 years ago. Dont let your dealer fool you and tell you its the same movie - NO!! it is not the same movie. Its unlikely many stores will have the same movie now since its at leas 3 years old now, but just ask you never know. And the story line for the original "Keziah" is as follows;
Keziah's mother warned her father against giving her the name "Keziah" as a baby at her baptism. Twenty three years later in her quest to come to the aid of a girlfriend who has been duped by her boyfriend, Keziah loses the thing most precious to her and her beloved father, and as a result, finds herself under the control of a curse that has transformed her into an addict of a different kind. John Okafor is hilarious as Keziah's father. It is also refreshing to see Mercy Johnson [Keziah] in a role that does not require her to empty her tear ducts. Lots of humorous moments and the movie rolls around at a quick pace. An innovative, situational comedy that at the very least will make you crack a smile. Loved it.


Nicole said...

Eya Ms Tilii. I am an avid follower of your blog. In fact it's bookmarked on my mac. Nice to see my review of "Keziah" here on your site. I wrote that since 2007. Maybe when you get your website up and running, you'll give me an opportunity to do some reviews. Would love it. Lata

My African Movie Reviews said...

most certainly most certainly. Give me ya contact or drop me an email in my facebook. Facebook link is on your bottom right.

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