Sunday, April 24, 2011


By Miss Tilii

Update: April 24 2011
1. GOOD GIRLS GONE BAD (starring Oge, Halima, etc) - absolute rubbish (Ratings 1/10) .

2. GIFT OF ANGELS/WORLD OF ANGELS (starring Jim, Ini, Rukky etc) - no head no tail just pitiful (Ratings: 2/10) .

Update: April 17 2011

1. THE CODE (starring Muna, Mercy and the REST - just pitiful Muna - this tonsil tennis with all these girls is becoming too much - no head or tail to the movie - just absolutely foolish movie) -(Ratings: 1/10)

Producer: ?


Word of Advice to Mercy and Muna - with your longevity in the industry its about time you leave these grogro nonsense type scripts alone - c'mon.

At what point do you say to yourself okay, i have earned my keep - paid my dues and now I am going to be selective in the roles i pick. Mercy how long are you going to continue to play skimpy spandex dress wearing afro babe - its so played out now - c'mon - leave that for the newbies - try and make choices like Geneveive, Rita, and Kate have - be selective. Maybe you dont see the talent you have cos if you did you will not act in such movies - with no head not tale, Na wah for you ppl oohh.

As for Muna i dont have any more words for you - maybe you need a reality show of your own titled "For the Love of Muna" so you can swap more spit and do tonsil tennis with more and more females" (slap my hands on my forehead, Oh Doh! my bad, Ms TiLii forgot - its just acting - well you sure did upgrade your self huh?). After you returned from your hiatus in 2008 you were doing great as your usual self did - but dude this 2011 -chaley i must tell ya, its one epic fail of a movie choice after another. Power to you brotha - do you!


Eventually i will be adding more and more to this very post and just bump it up by changing the date.

No doubt they are bound to roll in before the end of our first quarter (April 2011) - i mean we got our coalition members like Venus Production, Socrates Sarfo, Ugezu J Ugezu, Nonso Ekene Okonkow, more USA/Nollywood collabo crap (always starring Desmond and/or Van with a bunch of mediocre actors)- never fails to make the list of producing and releasing crap to fill the gap.


To the person who emailed me bout 4Play reloaded - Yes i have watched it - like i said no movie passes me by- i watch them all - and almost always i get a hold of em way in advance - I watched it and like the first one - its not worth my dime - once again Venus and their nonsense.

Yes it was funny in some parts, and Magid made me laugh - but its not a movie i will shell out to buy - I will probably never watch it again. I returned it to my dealer for credit (cos we got that relationship where i can) while i wait for the better movies worthy of my movie library.

To the person who asked where i get my movies, I get them from my dealer here in Atlanta GA where i reside. I have had the same dealer for many years now. I cannot suggest any online place or testify to any cos i have never bought one online. State where you live and maybe someone who reads this blog who lives in the same area can suggest where to go buy. When i eventually get round to finishing my website (which is so overdue but its still in the works) - like i said before, i will list by State (assuming you live in USA) where to go physically buy your movies, as well as other countries.

I can only do this with the help of my readers who live in these places and inform me where they go buy and then I can contact the store owners to list them on my site for free - just to help the buyers to go buy. If they collaborate with me - i can even list - when movies are released in that particular store - I will be doing all this free of charge. Free Marketing just to satisfy those hungry for movies but cant get a hold easily cos they dont know where to go make their purchase.

Hope this helps.

1. Jewel of the Sun (Mercy, Mike etc) - -0.5/10

(produced/directed by Ugezu Ugezu - what else is new with this one)

2. Campus War (Jim, Van, Mercy) - 1/10

(produced/directed by ?)

3. Dirty Secret (Tontoh Dikeh, Muna Obiekwe) - Ratings -0/10

(sometimes i think this girl Tontoh is possessed by a demon of some sort. How much did you get paid for this crap Tontoh - and if you think you are going to be branded a "Class A" actress cos you decided to broaden your horizons with this rubbish then you got another thing come - Maybe you should learn a thing or two from actresses who paved their way by earning their keep such as Genevieve, OmoT, Stella etc -Tontoh your dignity is completely gone out of the window in my books - you have zero now - You are on downward spiral - Good Luck to you and all that razzness. Muna i so dont care for anymore - i guess in a recession you gotta do what you gotta do to eat even if it means playing tonsil tennis with every thing on screen and wearing thongs to show ya hair ass. What a waste of good talent on such bad rubbish movie and poor choice of script. As for the girl who played Tontohs friend one of the worst actresses that ever surfaced - speak your normal accent and stop that rubbish)


Anonymous said...

miss tilli need u 2 check dis movie trailer starin bimbo akintola it looks nyc name of movie is 90NinthDay link below

The Film Lunatic said...

Hey Movie Critic. I like what you’re doing. There are plenty of great African movies that go overlooked. Did you ever see the South African film, White Wedding? It is a hilarious road-trip tale with beautiful scenery. It is finally coming out on DVD on this week. Be sure to let your readers know, I’m sure they will love it. Check out the trailer at:

My African Movie Reviews said...

if you look at the tags on the right you will notice i already mentioned it many months ago - I havent said much since cos obviously i havent gotten hold of it to watch it. If i did it will definately not be overlooked. Thanks for the information though.I will alert my readers to finally look out for the dvd thats coming out. On Miss Tillis blog i dont just focus on Nigeria or Ghanaian movies its movies across the whole continent of africa (THAT IS IF ITS GOOD)

JLadson said...

Hello Mis TiLii, Greatly anticipating the state dealer list on your upcoming website. Any chance you can give us a sneak peek at some good dealers in Atlanta?? I also reside here and need a "fix"!

My African Movie Reviews said...

i can only speak of Gwinnett where i live





all of the mentioned above are very very uptodate.

By the way this list as i stated can only be made if others contribute and tell me where they get theirs - cos with me i can only speak for a few stores and also i have a long time dealer. Thats it. If someone gives me the infor for where they get their purchase i will post it - if not - i cant do the research.

JLadson said...

Thank you so much! You do not have to post this comment, but this is to add to the upcoming list: Second Generation Imports and Design, North Dekalb Mall, Decatur, GA

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Tilii,

Do you know any dealers in Los Angeles?

Oh i just discovered this blog and so far i echo all you say. Muna has sold himself to cheap scripts. How sad! he had shown so much promise in the beginning.

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