Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MY BABY (Classic comedy)


This was released bout 3 years ago and they have rereleased it again on dvd - You will love love love love this. Just imagine Nkem married to three wifes: Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa with Gajillion daughters and no son. You can imagine his frustruation. He and Patience exchanging words. I will review soon.


Anonymous said...

I was bit disappointed with Keziah- I bought the movie partly because of John Dumelo- unfortunately he was a bit out of place in this movie

Turayo said...

I'm watching Keziah and I see no comedy. I don't know if it's supposed to be John Okafor and his insults or the foreign cousin/cousin's son and his awful manner of speaking.

One thing I did notice is the trivializing of rape. It's like a constant in Nigerian movies. That, I did not think was funny. But I'm halfway through and I am still looking for the comedy.

My African Movie Reviews said...

Like i stated in my comment last week there is a difference between the movie KEZIAH vs KEZIAH and Mr Ibu, so it depends on what you are watching.

The one i found very funny was KEZIAH - the one on the market this 2011 is a different movie titled KEZIAH & Mr Ibu - starring John Okafor, Mercy and JOhn Dumelo. Search tags and read threads on "keziah".

If Keziah is the one you are watching and its not funny - then iguess to each his own - cos i thought it was very funny movie.


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