Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ghanaian Twi Movie

lately i prefer non english movies cos first of all there isnt that much great english language movies to watch and also i have always said that i personally think non english language movies do have better scripts (Ghana Twi Movies, Nigerian Yoruba Movies etc)
I am going thru a whole bunch of movies i received in my stash, but when i look at the faces on the boxes i just put it aside and say to myself - let me save my self the headache i will go thru those movies later (cos as you know when it comes to african movies i do judge our book by its cover and i am almost always right) - So there were a couple of my Ghanaian local twi movies and i decided to watch those first.
The first i watched was "Joe Criminal" which was a great movie (8/10), I also watched "I know My Right" (another excellent movie i rate 9/10), and then the one i watched to day is called ASEW BEYIFOUR (which means WITCH MOTHER IN LAW) - I confidently rate this movie 10/10.
The movie happens to be based on a true story and i swear its the best ghanaian local language movie i have ever watched - ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT MOVIE - buy one and a couple for your friends a family - Its parts 1 to 3 all on one DVD.
The movie is about a newly married couple who start out poor both living under the roof of the husbands mom house, but later God favored them and after much prayer the became rich and go live in a big house. The young wife was not conceiving and became extremely worried and desperate even though her mom in law and husband were not giving her pressure and told her to just have patience with God. Did she have patience with God - you watch and find out what happens - this is a 3 hours long movie but all worth the watch.
I dont want to give the movie away by telling you the whole story, but i guarantee u if you are ghanaian and speak Twi or non ghanaian and dont mind watching subtitled movies (like i watch subtitled yoruba movies) - i promise you wont regret it at all.
Kumasianos are killing it with their great acting lol (kumasiano is just a nickname given to the a group of people who live in the ghanaian city of kumasi - just like you would say lagosians - people who live in Lagos) - their acting is great and flawless - especially when the script is great too - and so real because they are speaking their own native tongue and acting becomes natural. I know ghanaian movie watchers may wonder is actor Agya Koo (ghanaians version of Nkem Owoh) in any of the movies - no he is not but trust me - these movies i have just listed are great and most importantly like Tyler Perrys movies - there are great morals to the story and lessons to be learnt. A great movie you can watch with your whole family.
Go grab your copies and watch and you will enjoy it


Anonymous said...

Do u mean it better than the classic "I Told You So"?
jus want your honest opinion Ms Tilii

Gifty said...

Miss Tilli you should watch AGYA KOO GBENGBENTUS just the trailer alone makes me want to watch it! you should see the trailer on youtube. it has IDIKOKO in it, and all these old ghanaian comedians,.. it's looks really wonderful, and it was nominated for the Ghana MOvie Awards. i hope you review it soon! :)

My African Movie Reviews said...

in answer to your question, personally i feel YES its better - I truly like this movie, - I told u so is good too - but i prefer this one.

bestting said...

Ms-Tilli pls check out dese 2 trailers 1st 1 has Samini in it mean reason i wnt 2 watch it remember him back in da da in fresh trouble, n da nxt is wakye he's so funny, cracked me up
ps. let me knw wht u think

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