Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bursting Out (Miss Tilii Movie Review)

-Genevieve Nnaji as Zara Williams
-Majid Michel as Tyrone
-Nse Ikpe Etim as Tena
-Omoni Oboli as Ini
-Susan Peters as Ibiere
Written By (Screenplay)
Uduak Oguamanam and Bola Aduwo
Produced By
Emem Isong
Directed By
Romance, Comedy, Drama
A successful business woman Zara (Genevieve Nnaji) found no line of omission in her life but her two close friends did. To them she is not complete without a man. They set several blind dates for her; the outcome was not impressive. Zara decided to give up on love until the right man comes her way. Tena (Nse Ikpe-Etim) asked her to try a last blind date she has planned for her, she was reluctant but gave it a last try. This time the outcome was positive. Love was knocking at her door but with challenges that made her shiver with second thoughts. Does she open the door to embrace new challenges of the real world or just close her door and live her usual self-centered C.E.O life? Comedy and drama at your door steps.

My Review
It was good but, but not great in my books - i guess becuase it was a lil predictable for me. Once again Genny and Majid - shine on screen as a couple.

Susan Peters ohhhhh my gosh - she had me in tears laughing with her razziness and ghettofabulousness - very good actress - I think ihave to add her to the list of upcoming actress to look out for. In the Episode 1 of the movie - come and see her and her angelic self begging for mercy to be taken back by her ex- boy - Now the boy say he dont want you cos you cheated on him, come and see craziness at its best. She acted her character so damn well and i am so proud of her. (Favourite Quote: Tyrone - Do you know Ibiere, You dont know Ibiere) - razzness at its finest - I must say she reminded of the recent footage i saw of actress Ufuoma Ejenabor with the Lagos police - with that, at first, watching that i thought it was a movie - until it was confirm it damn sure aint no movie.
Nse and Omoni's roles as friends were simply Ok. No memorable scenes of them - I just wish sometimes they loose the americanism. The bedroom scene with Gen and Majid was very descent - not gross and sloppy like the many we see in the many crap movies - Descent like "Love & Basketball" Love Scene. Some parts of the movie once again like Silent Scandal - kinda reminded me of Edris and Gabrielle in "Daddys Lil Girls" -oh maybe its just me - Never mind. Omoni is a very good actress but I dont know, anytime she plays "a friend" or just a co-star- I just not feel her that much. Same way i wasnt feeling her in Guilty Pleasures. She just coast along in the movie and nothing great is realised. I guess she does better when she plays lead in a movie specifically made for her. We in the diaspora still waiting for Anchor Baby to get on DVD.
Like i mentioned in my previous thread - I think i am kinda tired of this corporate type role with Genny. She done that enough in 2009/10. Now i want to see other challenging type roles like she did in Sharon Stone, Blood Sisters, Wind of Glory etc etc - or something just out of the ordinary. She plays her corporate characters so well - just excellent but now i think its redudant - lets go back to the drawing board and come up with something more creative than those type of roles. She is such an excellent actress who has grown in her acting since i started watching her 12yrs ago - moving forward i want to see more challenging roles.
The few scenes I didnt care for was the scenes with office staff - i found that part a bit boring. Funny sometimes but most of the scenes with the staff chatting, i didnt care for.
(will continue later as i remember something)
My Ratings
8/10 - definately a collectors item and rewatchable
In 2009 I gave Guilty Pleasures 9/10 as you will see here – so goes to show I still like GP better – but Bursting Out was still very good nonetheless http://myafricanmoviereviews.blogspot.com/2009/10/guilty-pleasures-emem-isong-produced.html


nonna said...

Will you just stop doing that? It is becoming freaking annoying. Go back to just the last couple of months and see how many movie reviews you have promised "to come this weekend" that were a no-show. Just review them. Or not. but to build up hopes and never fulfill them is unbecoming.

My African Movie Reviews said...

i think if am FREAKING ANNOYING" the best thing is to stop coming here - dont you think. This is not my full time job, i do it when i have time - i am not going to sit up with broken ribs from a car accident typing up review for QUEEN NONNA. If you feel i dont deliver - then maybe i dont - so be it. Have a good day. Any further comments from you will not be posted.

bodacious02 said...

I love Bursting Out tres much. Maybe its because of the very poor selection this year. I've watched it about 5 times already. Definitely my fav this year. And it had some memorable lines. I need Nse and Gene in another movie asap. They had chemistry. What can I say about Gene and Majid.....they ROCK!

*the* chatter*box* said...

hie miss tilli, dont know if u heard but Genevieve has confirmed that she is dating d'banj...dont know what to make of that (smh)

bodacious02 said...

Omoni's character is Ini

LOU said...

Spot on! I really liked AMOS and Daniel though. I think Ugochi and Onome tried. They could have owned their roles though. Yeah, Omoni got lost a lot. I see Nse really tried to make herself memorable. Ibiere is crazy... I always heard about Susan Peters, never saw her in any movie. She's good. FINALLY NO OVERPOWERING NAIJA MUSIC. Thumbs up Desmond and Daniel (Directors).

P.S:I just wanted to say I admire your blog. Your reviews are more or less spot on. Most especially, I like the fact that you have refused to buy into the 'porn' industry!

Happy New Year!

Keep the reviews coming.

Anonymous said...

hi Miz Tlli!
happy New Year... Bursting Out was written (Screenplay) by Uduak Oguamanam and Bola Aduwo. Story was by Emem Isong. Thanks alot!

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