Saturday, November 20, 2010

Yvonne Nelson Banned from Movies in Ghana & Nigeria

For those who care (cos i definately dont), Yvonne Nelson has been banned from acting in any Ghanaian or Nigerian-produced movie for a year.
(the following info below is not my writing)
Investigations into the matter reveals that Yvonne’s ban is based on accumulation of several alleged incidents of her disrespectful and rude attitude towards fellow actresses, producers and crew members on location and even when off-camera.“She doesn’t respect,” was Alhaji Salam’s reply when asked why that severe action against her He explained that there have been series of complaints about Yvonne’s insulting behavior and lack of respect on set. The latest incident which broke the camel’s back, occurred some few weeks ago during the shooting of the new movie by Venus Films Productions titled; “4play Reloaded”
Actually I (miss tilii) heard the audio interview they asked him why he banned her and his actualy response was "BECAUSE "OF" SHE DOESNT RESPECT" - :lol: typical example of what i describe as "money miss road" - the man (salam) is not even articulate or eloquent (evidently not educated much- Brofo koraa onti bi. Okurasini biara nya sika osi miyeh movie) and no wonder his movies are such superficial crap and he sees a reason use ridiculous non ghanaian names like Beyonce, Ciara etc etc - not creative one bit). And they have the nerve to bring out another 4play called 4play Reloaded (emom paaaaa, onyami seh yenka).
Anyway to cut the long story short you can read further on ghanaian website peacefm and bottom line she is been banned. Personally i think Venus should be banned too FOR NON CREATIVITY IN SCRIPTS) lol. I dont care cos first of all she is not that of a great actress to be missed (its not like she is a Genevieve and second of all ALLLLLLL of VENUS production are superficial non creative and absolutely crap in my books so i definately dont care - Abdul Mumuni and Frank Arase are not creative - I said it once I will say it again - great picture and sound quality does not sell me on movie you have to have the sense to write sensible scripts and give great direction - They must think they are the bosses in Ghana movie industry and untouchable ).
I blame the ppl who buy these crap movies by such producers to have the audacity and balls to think if they dont give job someone wont eat. And for you Yvonne this is time to use some of the lil money you have made to take some further acting courses to polish your acting - your ok but definately not good let alone great. You will not be missed. Bye
ps: And to the anonymous sending me emails cos they are mad I told it like it is about VENUS Production (Abdul & Salam) to each his own - I am not impressed by their work and as long as i have this blog - if someone produces crap movies i will alert my audience. After listening to Salam "SPEAK" for the first time in that audio interview it all makes sense why he and his crew are NOT creative with their script" - clearly it will be a CHALLENGE FOR SOMEONE LIKE SALAM OR ABDUL TO WRITE A CREATIVE SCRIPT lol. I am ghanaian and Venus DO NOT represent my country Ghana with their superficial hoopla movies (Kwaw Ansah, Shirley Manso save us ooooo). I will keep saying it. I honestly dont need u to read this blog if what i say bothers you - the name is TELL IT LIKE IT IS. And if you dont like this blog - stop always creeping back to read it cos i know you creeping in here - :lol. You So transparent :lol:. Venus Production International Film Festivals and Oscar bound lol HURRAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.


Nigerian Film and TV Addict said...

i also don't care..they shud ban all of them so we can have new

ShadeNonconformist said...

Ouch at the last line. Dang.

PS it's been a while I've been here:)

Anonymous said...

Ms Tilli, you need to update your movie lists (i.e. "Coming Soon" V "Now In the Market").

Felicima is now in the market in the US.

My African Movie Reviews said...

My agenda this upcoming 3 day weekend (thanksgiving in usa) is to get this whole website thing done so please bear with me) - I will lhave all the upcoming and released movies all outlined i promise

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