Monday, November 22, 2010

Why I dont care much for Nollywood-USA collab movies yet

Here are the following reason
  • Fake and Bad Lace Fronts - check (if you live in the usa and cant get ya lacefront on point and let it sit on ya forehead, its a huge problem, at least girls back home,they are still learning and havent gotten the beyonce glue yet - but for you who live in USA i say "May Day May Day - we have a state of emergency")
  • Overly done make ups with guarantee 3 inch eyelashes - check
  • Fake eye contacts - check
  • Fake accents - check
  • Poor and unmemorable acting by many force-force actors & actresses - Oh most definately check
  • If an oyibo/obroni guest appears in a scene u best believe its the worst acting you ever going to see - i always wonder? Chei.
  • Some gigantic gorgeous beautiful rented home - (and here in the US most likely owned by Wells Fargo, BOA or GMAC Bank (:lol)
  • Most of these movies are shot in Atlanta, GA, Tristate VA,MD,DC or Houston,TX - same scenery.
  • No head or tale to the scripts that will bore u to sleep
You cant fool me by putting in a nollywood known face like Desmond or Ramsey Nouah or Van Vicker (cough cough) and make me think just cos they great (or good) actors and they are part of the cast, the script or acting by the several other bad actors will make it good. Bottom line these famous actors are just in these movies to market and sell the product - period. Thats not that hard to figure out. The splatter their faces on the box and make ppl thinks its worth a dime.
I like my african movies african - with african accents, african themes, african scenery etc etc. We in the diaspora watch african movies for a reason, to escape from all of the oyibo stuff here, so if i want to see fake lacefronts, i could go to my nearest blockbuster and borrow a bad black movie like "Trois" or "Soul Plane". Ok maybe these are not considered african (i dont know what to call it) - well then simply - i am not a fan of Nollywood-USA movies (opps i said that already huh?).
And yes, i have watched several of these type movies (US/Nollywood collabos) before making this judgement - 4 was enough for me, and now you cant even pay me to watch anotheer, unless its a more SENSIBLE script like Ije or Anchor Baby or something of that sort.
I have gotten a few emails ppl asking me why i dont advertise or post info of these movies here. Firstly cos I only post movies I consider a great buy and also because of all the listed blue above, which are a huge pet peeve when i watch african movies. Unless i see some great script and acting - loose all that fake stuff, I will not advocate it on this blog. It is what it is.

Hey dont take my word for it - go grab a copy of the movie if you like and i guarantee u - you will watch it once and then it will be left sitting on your shelf. Invest in great movies and eliminate junk.
For those of you who love it so much name ONE classic or one memorable great one you ever watched.? Great script - phenomenal acting.
Am just saying though - like Wendy Williams will say "It is, what it is". I cant sugarcoat, i just gotta tell it like it is. I could post many of these trailers, but I will spare you all (Bad publicity is good publicity like they say).
This is my personal choice and opinion- to each his own. Everybody else might love it - I dont.
The sound and picture quality are excellent (wink wink)
I look forward to great scripts such as IJE and ANCHOR BABY and I applaud those doing a good job and truly understand what the audience want.
In the entertainment industry if you cannot take criticism then maybe you need to really examine and evaluate if you are in the right place.
Oh and i am being hounded with emails bout this is an upcoming one "DECEPTION" (great name :lol:) - i think i will save myself from that headache - i would rather wait and watch later. I was thinking maybe you guys could do me the honors by watching it first (however u find it to watch it), watch it and give me feedback. Lol, let Miss TIlii be spare of the headache of such, and you do me the honors (wink). Watch it review it and rate it.



Onose said...

i HATE nollywood movies shot in the US. accents sound just plain terrible... the lacefronts are like rats nests-- like give me a break...smh!! nice write up!

Nduta said...

Where do i begin?!!!! Okay i can't STAND naija movies shot in the States.
The accents KILL ME!! I mean i have been here close to 10 years i don't even speak remotely to whatever accent those actors have. Like really? WHo talks like that?!!!

I started watching naija movies cause i missed watching african movies (i'm from Kenya).
It seems the deal nowadays, is to bring nollywood actors across the atlantic, slap a ratty lacefront and accent and scream "ACTION!!!" And expect us as africans in diaspora to buy such dvds only because they are taking about dollars and saying "nah mean".
They need a do over, big time.

The reason we enjoy watching nollywood is the nostalgia of home in the acting. I mean, i go home to visit and i don't behave half of what they try to depict in the movies.
If i want to watching something hood and ghetto, well, we got BET.

Nollywood actors need to STOP and backtrack... they got lost along the way.

Nollywood Forever said...

This trailer is the ABSOLUTE PITS! How did they put that oput and not feel embarrassed? Even if you are trying to CON people you at least try to entice them with the trailer. Desmond is doing alot of these useless USA movies with JJ Bunny and the Kanu sisters. I am begging him to please stop. It is not the direction he needs to go in.

How is the new site coming along?

Anonymous said...

I hate nollywood movies shot in the US. I hate white people in Nigerian movies or Ghana movies. I hate Americans or Britains in African movies. Basically, when I watch an African movie it is to watch African people, not Whites, Black Americans, etc. I also hate White or Black people in my old school Kung Fu movies. It should be strictly Asians. In short I stay away from Nolly/US collabs, well except for Through the Fire. I watched that one by mistake, but it turned out to be really good.

Anonymous said...

hahahaahaha. I will be going to that Art Of Deception movie premiere NOV 20th..

But yes, you hit it right dead on spot. If it wasn't for me knowing people within the movie I would not be watching it.

But I like this JJBunny girl..

Anonymous said...

Yes you are preaching to the choir. Nollywood movies in the States are the worst. Three words to describe them are: Fake, Tacky, and can I say Pointless!! And the worst thing about them is that they try to put all these American (White and Black) actors/actresses to make it so Hollywood like but they make the storyline even more crappy than it was without them. Can't they just hire like real Hollywood actors? Personally I don't have a problem with Americans being in Nollywood movies but at least hire some good ones. Really the only one two Nollywood USA movies I liked I were Ije (about majority of the actors except Omotola, Genny, and Chem Ohameze were Hollywood based) and The Bet which was ok but could have been better. Oh yeah American Nurse by Pascal Atuma was ok too. Other than that the rest are junk!! @ Ms-TiLii I wish I could have seen your posts about the movies not to watch earlier. I could have saved some money on movies that I had no business buying. Thats what I get for being addictive to African movies Can you compile a list of Naija and Ghana movies that are a must see for 2012-2013 please??!?!

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