Sunday, November 28, 2010


I am lost for words – this is the epitome of crapppppppppppppppppest Nollywood USA collab movies I have ever seen and bear in mind i only watched it cos in part 1 I thought i was watching a my nigerian movie and then come part two and all hell broke loose.
The story line was ok in Part 1 but then in Part 2 i endured the biggest suffering of watching the worst actreses i have ever ever ever ever seen thus far this 2010 – and icing onthe cake your Van Vicker is in the movie too – go figure.
Africans in USA i beg you in the name of God leave this movie thing alone and if you are goign to do it dont call it NOLLYWOOD – we want to watch AFRICAN made movies set in AFRICA for a reason.
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhh – when i get time i will give you more update.


*the* chatter*box* said...

lol @ "in the name of God"

you are righ about these collab movies...u can always tell from the trailer that it will be bad.

Anonymous said...

ha! Miss Tilli... I had bought a copy of the film Rebound and started watching it. I enjoyed Part 1 and was wondering, 'what the heck was Miz Tilli talking about with the bashing she gave it... that was until i entered part two and saw the USA collabo stuff!! Oh my goodness.... why do these people even bother to do films? Nollywood USA is a load of junk!! I was SO angry! as if acting is about fizing Brazilian weaves to your ankles and wearing glittering dresses!! Some people in that film have no business acting! I will not mention names but when you watch it you will know! ha! errant nonsense! i feel like getting cane and flogging them! and to think they like to sit on their high horses and abuses nollywood actors and actresses in Asaba! God help them if one enters my trap online! oh! mercy, mercy Lord! Hmmm! Utter bungum!

Turayo said...

I enjoyed part 1. The storyline was nothing new but I loved the acting. Desmond's male friend spoke the forbidden truth about going abroad--it could be worse than living in Nigeria. Uche jombo and her cousin(I wish I could remember her name) were good to watch. That woman was a really good actress.

Gbosa! Part 2 did a full 180, swiveled my head and rendered a WTF? Is it a must to spoil movie nowadays. Maybe there is something in the water over there or there was a change in directors or something, but I absolutely hated part 2 and I have watched a lot of subpar nigerian films. The new girl was just a mess. Abeg, you get facial reconstructive surgery no be say e affect your brain. I kept waiting for uche or even Desmond to come rescue Kendall this hell. I could even tolerate the foreign chick, the one who was infatuated with dr. Ross. Abeg, if the storyline involves something abroad, do not leave the country. Show a plane and get a resort or hotel or even do some research and find a good location(we have them) in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. That film still vexes me till today, chai!

Anonymous said...


My African Movie Reviews said...

This year i will have a whole topic once againt on this BULLS**T of USA/Nollywood

Desmond and Van - please enough of the dollar chasing - leave these nonsense collabos alone - we are sick and tired of em.

If you want to sell;your face - spare us the headache of acting with such mediocre actors - (and as for Van - not enough words for dude cos he is a terrible actor to begin with and to do these collabos make him look worse

JLvsJ4evr said...

i think the acting was great in both parts, however i've seen some films made in africa where the acting was poor but w.e
i don't like the ending. It needs more and they should have had her bump into her cuz and ex at least.
this movie just needed more. Van Vicker came a long way, his acting is getting better

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