Friday, November 19, 2010

NO "Miss Tilii 2nd Annual Movie Awards"

As we near the end of the year, I am here to announced there will be NO 2nd Annual Miss Tilii Movie Awards" like there was last year .
2010 was the most disappointing year in African Movies - we got bombarded with so many crap movies (90% releases were absolutely CRAP - not worth your dime)- none is worthy to be in the BEST CATEGORY, unless i decide to create solely "CRAP MOVIE AWARDS" then there will be plenty to be on this list.
And for the producers whose movies we highly anticipated yet they left us hanging (Bursting Out, Ije, Tango With Me ) - Thank you very much. And i also like to thank bootleggers becos of you the best movie makers are taking longer to release their "great movies" because they are trying to come up with strategic ways to combat bootlegging, so instead of straight release to video they are doing the whole premiere thing first (which to me is very good) and then finally when they get to release it on DVD then they do (even if they take 2 yrs to release in DVD :lol). Other than that we just sit and wait. Most of these movies were complete 2 years ago and and we still waiting.
Right now am waiting for my "OMO GHETTO" :lol:


Nigerian Film and TV Addict said...

i garee with u tilli. waiting for movies that came out a long time ago. i didn't even watch any movies in 2010...even the ones that were hyped a la nollywood hustler, waterfalls, co were just a bit boring for me.

Nollywood Forever said...

Yes its been pretty crap. I was looking at my most definitely list for the year and there is not even up to 10 movies. What a disgrace and alot of the ones that are there are old movies I just decided to review because the new ones were just crap. Hmm if this epidemic continues next year Imma hafta move on to something new.

How is the new website coming along?

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