Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Website Work in Progress

Ok friends, I have a 4 day weekend (Its Thanksgiving Holiday here in USA) and my agenda is to work on this long awaited websites. Let me know if there is any topics/pages which will be of interest to you - or you would like to see on the site and I will incorporate it if i can. I just had an idea to have a section for suggestive non english speaking african subtitled movies eg Yoruba, Francophone Movies etc. I mean i watch them all if i can and if its good i will let you know.
For me I just dont enjoy watching ALL movies, but it but its a chance to learn a different language too and over the course of 10 yrs since i started watching african movies i have picked up a lot of Igbo and Yoruba words (maybe just the swear words for now - but am learning sha!) - if more people spoke other foreign languages and undestood other customs and cultures the world will be a better place. I speak 3 ghanaian languages and willing to learn more african and other languages from other parts of the world even if its thru watching movies.
Broaden your horizons on african movies, there are some great ones out there that are not necessary english speaking or from Ghana or Nigeria. If you can watch Bollywood movie and understand it even without subtitles i suggest you give other non english speaking african movies a chance (if it is subtitled). Lets support all africa (crap movies excluded!!).
I encourage the Igbos (I can trust my Tchidi and Chinny Ahaneku for this), Ibibio (Hi Emem),Idoma, etc etc to come out with more native language movies (i love both Igbo and Yoruba language and thier music is so utterly beautiful thats why 9ice remains my favourite naija musician) - the native language movies have better scripts (i can testify for Ghana) and the acting is more real, no pretense - also be encourage because in OSCARS there are categories for FOREIGN FILM and a lot of great films get nominated. All we need is a good script, good direction, good subtitler cos honestly most of the subtitles are off.
I wish you all a great 2011 for the whole african movie industry. i want them all to succeed.
ps: i am using wordpress for my site and honestly am not impressed by the choice themes i have to choose from. I was wanting something with an afican theme. Yo Nolly help ya sista out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ms Tilli,

Have you seen the trailer for the movie, Champions of Our Time?:

Nollywood said...

oioi i dey wait u oga!!! The laptop is on my lap.

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