Friday, November 5, 2010

I predicted it and it may come true

remember i said in this thread
that i think out of all the cast FOR COLORED GIRLS.... i think Kimberly Elise (one of my favourite actress of all time- the Cicely Tyson of our generation) will probably win an oscar for her role, well hollywood critics who had the chance to see the advance preview, are all mentioning her since they saw the movie.
I have always liked Kimberly since "Set it Off" - she is a phenomenal actress who knows how to bring her characters to life. I heart her big time. I predicted (even though i havent watched the movie yet) that her performance will be excellent and she will once again raise eyebrows and all the critics who have watched the movie are saying it.
I havent watched the movie yet but it comes out to day and you best believe am on it like white on rice - am going out with my girls to see it and if you live in the US i urge you to go see it too.

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Anonymous said...

I loved the MOVIE and I went solo I left my hersband home and just me myself and i... I thought the movie was amazing, I could see myself and role that Janet played, before I met and fell in love with my partner now of 13 years I would have been devine easily..yes she I would have been that one, its amazing what GOOD and TRUE Love will do to you, ot takes your life in another direction...
My Love is to complicated to be thrown back in face..

Every lady should GO, actually bothe men and women

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