Saturday, October 2, 2010

Temptation (Movie Review)

Majid Michel, Martha Ankomah, Artus Frank and others
Written By
Abdul Salaam Mumuni (oh lawd - heavy sigh)
Produced By
Abdul Salam Mumuni (rolling my eyes as i type)
Directed By
Frank Raja Arase (rolling my eyes as i type)
The spark that graced their marriage seems elusive, with the couple barely seeing eye to eye. A desire to escape the unserinity that pertains in his home let to a blissful escapade, the unfortunate ignition for an unforeseen and protracted web of entanglement and blackmail. A tacit husband striving to salvage an almost fading marital union; a father grappling with the delicate health of his only child; a man desperate to unwind the twist that has befallen him...... (BTW: bare in mind most of these sypnosis aint my writing - i copy it as i see it straight from the box - :lol: )
Infidelity, blackmail, marriage, children
My Review
I really dont have much to say bout this movie - usual Abdul Mumuni Hooplas. I dont like movies that insults my intelligence -"There was a lil mix up with the blood test" my ass. Whatever
Say Something Nice Challenge:
Though i really dont care for the script, Martha Ankomah was excellent in her role, she held it up real good and i hope that some better producer and director with a much better script get to work with her to make her shine more. I definately have my eye on Martha Ankomah - she is a force to be reckoned with (mehn martha can shout when she is pissed -ewuradiyesu).
Apart from Martha any other wanabee actress in this movie - i didnt even recognised - they just filled space - the regular pretty faces yet no talent types - just fake contacts lenses, fake lace front hair and the whole 9 yards and their chew and pour delivery of lines. No Talent whatsoever. No memorable acting by any of them. Martha was the only good actress to hold up such a luckluster script. Majid was good as usual. Artus Who?? - he was just ah ight - notthing to ride home about.
Tatalay - Talata ? - whatever Abdul - you and your non creative ways and wierd names you use in your movies. If the movie is ghanaian maybe you should learn to use ghanaian names sometimes - opps ma bad, you your self are not true blood ghanaian to be proud our names to use it. Who exactly are you - i am curious?
My Rating


*the* chatter*box* said...

"... father grappling with the delicate health of his only child; a man desperate to unwind the twist htat has befallen him ( bare in mind most of these sypnosis aint my writing - i copy it as i see it straight from the box)..."


Nollywood Forever said...

Listen oooo You said weekend. Weekend dey pass we still dey wait...

Neema Lidya said...

Miss Tilli, just like you, am an avid african movie fanatic.Last night i was watching TEMPTATION,directed by Abdul and Frank....i won't lie, they did a good job with the Game and 4Play but not Temptation. Could you please tell this two people to work on their scripts, how can someone not know how to edit a movie?How can they say 'week' instead of 'weak', not to mention, the constant message about what temptation does was too much, give us a plain and simple movie and stop wasting time with all the messages on temptation which have a lot of spelling errors and don't make any sense.
Secondly, a movie that is 20 minutes long and produced in 3 insane?Why don't they bundle up the movie into 1 and 2 parts and charge higher instead of giving us crappy part 3 movies that don't make any sense?
This is why i love Emem Isong, i think it is a high time Abdul and Frank get some lessons on movies and good scripts and good directions....
People have started ignoring movies produced by them even if they have a wonderful cast of Majid and Jackie,if he continues all this BS then we will be forced to stop buying his movies until he learns a lesson.

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