Monday, October 25, 2010

Miss Tilii's Website COMING SOON

After much procrastination and snail walking, i have finally purchased my domain name and hosting server (wordpress platform)
I am very excited about this cos i know this blogpost can be annoying and not user friendly sometimes. I look forward to creating my new website, with the help of friends who are willing to teach Miss Tilii a thing or two.
I have always been a blog girl so this creating site thing is new for me, but I am willing to learn from the pros.
I will announce the name of the website as we get closer to the day of launch (not too far fetched though - wink wink). If there is any content you would like for me to add to the site please let me know and I will see if i can accomodate that. My goal is to make it user friendly with easy search tools.
" .COM" ohhh that sounds so nice - I am very excited about this. Wish me luck (oh and one more thing, i wish i can use this same color theme on the new website but am not sure - it depends on the themes i find on wordpress). What i dread the most is the length of time it will take me to transfer all this 2 yrs data from here onto the website. Na wa ohhh.


Nollywood Forever said...

Hey it takes about 30 seconds to transfer so that is no problem. you will not have to do it one by one. Actually maybe it will take 20minutes or so. What I did was google how to do it and follow the instructions. So "how to transfer blogspot posts to wordpress selfhosted." there are lots of people who have done it. the only problem you may have is the tranfer of video. I'm not sure that that will be transfered.

anyway HOLLA AT ME!

My African Movie Reviews said...

thanks nolly

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