Monday, October 4, 2010

Ini Edo "MEMORIES OF MY HEART" Premiere in Lagos



Premiere Date:

Friday October 15 2010



Ikoyi, Lagos - Nigeria



My Naija brothers and sisters - if you are home in naija now, go and support this premiere on Oct 15th- this is Miss Ini's First Production - so please if she is a fan of yours support her. If i was in Lagos - i will go support her and will be there live to hype it up for my girl.Big ole booty Ini (look at pot calling kettle black - mine is just as big and i can not seem to get it down no matter what excercise i do)


The trailer looks good - i am proud of her - and proud of Emem and Desmond for supporting and nurturing her - to have a second job to fall back on. I already posted about this movie several months ago (one of my highly anticipated movies as listed in blue on the right panel). Read here for further sypnosis; Produced by Ini, Co produced by Emem, Directed by Desmond - starring Ini, Ramsey, Nse, Adjololo, Desmond and Monalisa. My whole Royal Arts Family doing it big.

ps: Bola - send me details for the show start time for the Ikoyi Premiere - you know black folks will always be late so lets emphasize the time. Also yall dont leave us here in the diaspora out, we want to know when yall touring here too - we all wait patiently.

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