Sunday, October 10, 2010

FELICIMA (An Upcoming Movie Starring My #1 - Genevieve Nnaji)

Well Well Well - now thats some great news - Genny and Yemi together in a movie. Now if you have watched the infamous Jetta Amata classic movie "LETTERS TO A STRANGER" you will know why am so goo goo gaa gaa bout this movie (if you dont own this movie 'letters to a stranger yet, starring genny and yemi, go and buy it now! - its a sure keeper for your video library worth every dime - GO AND BUY IT!!). Felicima doesnt seem like a romantic movie - but nonetheless i love Genny and Yemi Blaq together in a movie, just as much as i like
-Genny and Muna Obiekwe
-Genny and Majid Michel
-Genny and RMD
-Genny and Ramsey
Genny has the greatest onscreen chemistry with the 5 mentioned above.
I will post more update on this movie as I get it. Stay tuned


Nollywood Forever said...

All these Genny movies where are they? Tango With Me, Ije, Mirror Boy, this Felicima, Bursting Out Chimoooo the wait is too long now!!!

bodacious02 said...

Ooohhhhh I can't wait. I'm guessing u saw the trailer/preview for it. I'm glad its not a "love story"

LindaN. said...

You took the word right out of mi mouth missTilli.. LOVE 'Letters to a Stranger"...
I love this story line, different, not romantic, actions effect.I love this new page Genny is taking, she's about challenge, different characters & storyline.
However,it would have been more intriguing if they had one of those narrators promoting a movie trailer leaving it, wanting more to the eyes.

LindaN. said...

This is a good trailer too... Loll very funny!!

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