Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Champion Sportsman (Comedy starring John Okafor and Patience Ozorkwor)

White Man: Are you trying to kill me??
John Okafor: That is my mission
Lollllllllllllll, Chei, chineke me! John Okafor and Patience will not kill me today with laughter oohhhhhh :lol: there is nothing like a good comedy from John Okafor or Patience, Nkem, etc. You will laugh till you cry.
I am not exactly sure if this movie is out yet, but if i get my hands on it I will watch and review it. (Thank You Linda for sending trailer to me)

Happy Sunday everybody - i better go in my library and find some good comedy to watch today this sunday afternoon (anything with Patience or Nkem will do) - i need a good laugh.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ms Tilli,

You may have already seen this:

Two Dollaz Trailer:

Nollywood Forever said...

I can't wait for this and Two Dollaz. All the good comedies I've been watching lately are from way back

LindaN. said...

I cried laughing watching this trailer LOL!.
"I want biiig cars... all of'em!" lol

Turayo said...

Sandra achums!!!! Long time no act. I am impressed with the caliber of actors they have here. We actually, I hope, have good foreigners

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