Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What story lines would you love to see in African movies

I have always said that African movies always have followed the same story lines ROYALTY, CAMPUS STORIES, MARRIAGE – but none drives me to yank my hair out more than ROYAL Theme movies - I mean if told well I don’t mind and as you all know am a sucker for village theme movies and Tchidi Chikere always did a good job at that, back in the with his royal themes but now he branched somewhat to test other waters which is understandable).
I honestly cannot stand royal theme movies and story lines – I am BORED with it. I have been watching African movies for over ten years and I must say 50% of the movies that come out of Nollywood and Ghana are always Royal Theme, am sick and tired of it. It’s so played out like an “A” track.
You know one day my friend Nolly (who also has a movie review site like me) got very frustrated by the same ole same ole royal theme movies and critiqued one movie of such (and to me she was even nice – she wasn’t that harsh – Producer (whom I call MONEY MISS ROAD – ppl like this guy should not be behind a camera) called Ugezu J Ugezu got irritated my Nolly and all the other movie watchers critiquing him about his constant Royal Theme movies – his response was “HE WHO PLAYS THE PIPER CALLS THE TUNE and that no matter what we say he and the owners of all his many royal theme movies are SMILING TO THE BANK because the movies are selling regardless of what we say. I was shocked of his response – might as well said F You to all the audience who spend our hard earned money to buy movies. He might as well call us FOOLS to our face. Anyway let me not waste my precious time talking bout MONEY MISS ROAD Ugezu J Ugezu – but I guarantee you from here on I will NEVER advocate or promote his movies nor ask ANYONE TO SPEND A DIME TO BUY HIS MOVIES - they are not worth your money in my opinion. Watch it however you can but dont buy it - (after all without ppl like us - myself, nollywoodforever and the likes - shebi you break even still, abi???)– HE SAID HE DOESN’T CARE, WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT HIS THEMES, COS REGARDLESS YOU WILL BUY IT (I mean he might have well putting it in those words).
You know I wont even single him out cos many of the PRODUCERS in the industry have that same mentality and this is why we get bombarded with one crap movie after the next. But thank God for the various movie review blogs including mine truly like this – as long as continue blogging, I will keep alerting all my avid readers of WHICH CRAP to stay away from and WHICH to shell out money for. Some movies a not worth a dime – find some source of watching it but PLEASE DON’T BUY CRAP – have a library of quality movies worth re watching.
Back to the point, So in discussion am just curious to get some input from you all as to what type of movie themes you would love to see in African movies – Yes I do tell it like it is like my name said but I will also have some solutions and I open the forum for you all to discuss this topic. I would love to see stories that most dont like to tell, unspoken topics in our society, themes such as;
• I am a sucker for Romance and would love to see some nice romantic movie such as KEEPING FAITH, I loved that movie from way back when and cannot stop talking about it, I don’t think any romantic movie has beat that movie yet.

• I love Tchidi's back in the day village theme movies - he use to write so excellent back in the day and his movies really showcased the igbo culture which i learnt a lot from - I just wish he will bring back some of the old styles sometime. I miss that so much. Blood Sisters and all.
• Themes on sexual abuse and family incest(I think the movie Distance Between starring Rita Dominic, Mercy Johnson, Yemi Blaq and Kalu Ikweagwu did a great job at that)
• Female Circumcision
• Biographical and Historical Movies about many of a African Warriors (eg. Yaa Asantewaa, The Nigeria Biafra War etc etc – tell the story very well like King of Scotland about Idi Amin or like Blood Diamonds was told by Hollywood)
• Themes about Marriage topics such as when couple break-up how this affects the children or how infidelity from one party affects a family especially the children.
• I saw a documentary on YouTube on albinos
in Africa and how they are treated and would love to see movies where there is promotion of non discrimination of disabled or people who are different, that they are not being maltreated (I mean along storylines like a disable person rise up above negative sayers in the community and rises up to be someone great or maybe abandoned as a child because of their disability and yet some kind person adopts them raise them to be someone great – I just wish there were stories to uplift young children who are disabled
Yes my example has a lot of moral and social correct themes, but thats just my opinion so lets hear yours. Bottom line I would love to see more African movies with morals to the story – that promotes everyone loving each other more no matter their circumstance, like with Tyler Perry Movies you know you will learn a lesson about FORGIVESS, LOVE etc.
I am not saying we should simply focus on the few I have suggested above, this is just my personal opinion and I want to ask you the audience what are some of the best movies you have ever seen (Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood or wherever) – what makes it your best or favorite movie, what lesson did you learn from the movie and finally what would you suggest African movie industry tell you or the world who are slowly getting into our movies. I am only wishing instead of 20 odd royal theme movies per year, we narrow it down a notch, Yes we get it – the audience you are trying to target abroad, love COMING TO AMERICA, but please this nonsense is played out – go behind the drawing board and be creative (JUST THIS ONCE).
IN conclusion let me just state that not all African movie directors are doing a bad job, the few who are doing bad know themselves cos clearly they are in for the money and nothing else, they don’t care of what you like or don’t like, so we can blow are vuvuzela all we want – its going on deaf years.
If you read my blog you will notice whom I consider great and whom I consider not so great in movie producing, directing or acting. We will continue to uplift the names of doing a great job by telling great stories and giving us our monies worth.


Anonymous said...

ms-tilli my own kind of storyline would be an epic one,let them make epic olden days movies(like gladiator and troy), i really loved epic movies like ijele,igodo,ebube etc, another one will be storylines about political and power struggle themed movies,though i haven't seen any nollywood movie with such storyline, even the ones who have tried didn't execute it well,another will be horror storyline like that of aquilah njamah's movie The Untold,i really loves that movie,if u have seen it please review it, i only saw part one, i am yet to see part two,then last but not the least i love epic war movies like across the niger and laviva both directed by izu ojukwu.Ms-tilli what do u think of frank rajah arase upcoming movie somewhere in africa, from the little i have heart of the movie and its storyline it seems he is about to step up his game, the storyline seems really good, i know u might have probably heard about the movie,please let me know what u think of it.

*the* chatter*box* said...

i would like more comedies especially romantic ones...and a decent thriller supernatural etc...

it is very disappointing when producers have such a mindset which i think is very unwise and follish as they are not protecting their art. I mean who is going to remember royal babes part 1&2 and royal obama girls (the continuation) 6 months later????
Yes, I say that because you can't put such movies in the same light as I SING OF A WELL, IJE, KEEPING FAITH, RATTLESNAKE etc.. anyway miss tilli he forgets, that his pay check comes from the US(the pple who buy e movies)...

i hope people stop buying his movies...and lets see how it is to be without clothes, food, etc... afterall if he is going to make stupid movies whether we like it or not, then we will stop buying them........whether he likes it or not ...nice one miss tilli xx

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