Sunday, September 12, 2010

Upcoming Review This Week

Hi every one - happy sunday and blessed upcoming week.
Just to give you update - look out for the following reviews before the end of this week
-MEN IN LOVE (thus far: chei Muna, am looking at you with a serious side eye right bout now - thank u for effing up all the dreams i had about US - acting or not - you effed up all my sweet dreams of all these years. Chimmmooooo this boy has broken my heart oooo - i need help - my dreams of your beautiful hands and tonsil tennis expertise. Hmmm - You will need to do another romantic movie with Genny for me to forget what mine eyes done seen today.
And to all the numerous emails i have been getting bout Nollywood Hustler - yeah i hear you all and i am not ignoring you, i just have not gotten the video yet, I keep calling my dealer in NYC and he still doesnt have it - he is very uptodate on the newest stuff and thus this surprises me - but i called other 'taj mahals / stash houses ' (:lol:) and they dont have it yet. So am still waiting - be patient with me - I will review it. Either way like i stated before - the rest of the year is going to have some excellent releases (almost all listed in blue on the right panel) so use your money wisely and save it for the great potential movies. Dont waste your money on crap - if its out and i have watched it and its great - i will review it (nothing passes me - I watch ALL releases) but if its out and i have not review it - like i said - consider it aint worth your dime. At least for Nollywood Hustler I am telling you i havent gotten my copy yet, and when i do - i will review it.
In some ways i kinda like how this whole thing was done in 2010 - the great producers sat back and waited for all the rubbish movies by the yeye producers/directors to be pushed out from beginning of the year to now and now they are slowly coming out with theirs.
I hope all these highly anticipated movies we are waiting for are great, cos if they are am buying one for me, one for a family member and one for a friend - just in time for christmas. My most highly anticipated out of all the movies i would say is BURSTING OUT - c'mon yall - with my Genny - anything is worth waiting.
Anyway have a nice week everybody.


Anonymous said...

mehn Miss Tilli...

the ending of Men in Love, fall my hand o! i mean why does Dumelo have to have been charmed by Muna? i mean men are only gay cos some voodoo sh*t is going on?!

i'll be waiting for you review cos i did enjoy the movie and it's fascinating that they used real gay guys. what did you think of 'my' Muna? he was amazing, wasn't he?

Anonymous said...

no bi only you oh!

Muna has to take a romantic role next with women (aka Genny, Rita, Nse) ASAP!! ah ah??!!

p.s quality romantic films abeg, not rubbish...

Nollywood Forever said...

I was just doing my men in love review today at work before someone came to disturb me... LOL I will post mine tomorrow though if there are no other disturbances...

I agree with ANON all this juju ish is getting old... Anything that happens has to be put down to juju... How about some men just like ass... They were born like the same way some men like fanny and thats just the way it is... No ridiculous explanation needed.

I was actually enjoying this movie til that ridiculous rape scene. How someone rape u and all of a sudden you are infatuated with them? gettouttahere with that mess.

Another one to watch is Jungle Ride with Omoni Oboli and Benjamin Joseph... If you can get past the atrocious sound it really is a great movie.

Anonymous said...

LOL...Ms Tilli you are hilarious (in reference to your comments about Muna).

By the way, not to burst add to your "grief" but Nollywood Forever said she saw another Nollywodd trailer were it seems Muna was once again playing a gay guy. I will try and find the title of the movie and I will make sure I forward it to you. LOL

Kémi Penélopê said...

Thank you so much for taking the time out to answers my question (I just read your review on it).

I get to watch “I SING OF A WELL” tonight, so it will be interesting to see what you have to write about it.

Anyways, do keep up the great work of keeping us posted about your take on an African movie and the happenings in the African movie industry.


Nollywood Forever said...


Yes I saw the trailer for another gay muna movie with ARTUS FRANK... LMAOOOOOOOOOO Artus and Muna sitting in a tree.. Well you know how the rest goes.

I will have to check my timeline on twitter for the title but CHECK this. Ya man is wearing a GREEN LEOPARD THONG... You will die that you ever called him ya man. For real for real... LMAO You go need panadol for this night lol. Not only does he have a green thong but a white one too!

I can only surmise from the little that I saw that the dude has a whole selection... LOL I'll stop there I don't want you to have heart attack now!

Anonymous said...

still waiting for your review of I sing of a well. unless I read a review from you and one other blogger, I will not watch it.

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