Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summary of 3 Movies: WaterFalls, No Going Back etc

I dont have much to say. All i will say is - make your judgement call;
(the girl who acted as Cynthia gave me migrains and several other BAD actresses in the movie - a real migrane watching them, it was like hearing breaking glasses/dishes in my ear - i would have given the movie at least 6/10, The horrible actresses took away 2 points) :lol:Tontoh no special performance - predictable as always, Van Vicker - well yall know how i fee about Van, like i said, with his "NO ACTING" TALENT and fine ass looks, I can put the movie on mute and go about my business in the house (cleaning, cooking) just to look at his foine pretty self. My webshot dude. (To his fans - am sorry - but if its any consolation, he is very cute though- ) . Movie was casted by Emem and Directed by Lancelot - which is why I am very surprised it wasnt as great as i wanted it to be. Like i said those few bad actresses ruined the whole thing for me.
2/10 -
DIrected by Ikechukwu Onyeka, produced by Nwegwu Chinweke and Chibuzor Sunday Enobu. Nothing to ride home about - not worth buying - find some sort to watch it but i wouldnt buy it if i were you. Borrow from a friend who spent their money to buy it
2/10 -
Go figure, Ugezu J Ugezu direction - what else is new-"money miss road" - ring a ring a roses - round and round and round - NO HEAD! NO TAIL! - JUST BLAAAAAHHHHHH - If you want to rock ya baby to sleep put this movie on (and oh lower your volumes whilst you are at it). It was absolutely pain to even dare watch this movie - the box did not mention the director nor producer, but thank God i did not buy it. Money definately missed road big time with UJU.
DONT WORRY MS TILII DID NOT BUY ANY OF THESE MOVIES, I do judge a book by its cover when it comes to african movies - almost always am right. Thank You Lord.!!!
I still havent gotten my copy of the NOllywood Hustlers and frankly am not i any hurry from what i heard from those who have watched it - I am more keen on Bursting Out, Tango with Me and the rest
Nonso, Ugezu and Venus Production - form some coalition or something (CMA - crap movie association). You all have a lot in common, like seriously.


Nollywood Forever said...

LMAOOOO Why did you call it WHITEFALLS? I quite liked it... Still expect mpore where emem is involved but never theless it was good. And who are in these other movies... wow that bad LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review Ms Tilli. I am not touching either of those movies.

In other news, I cannot believe Araromire (The Figurine) is not yet out on DVD. This film premiered in 2009. I am sure by this time next year, Holding Hope, Ije, Memories of the Heart, Bent Arrows etc will still not be on DVDs

"...Please, Nollywood professionals I know you guys are trying to fight piracy; recoup investments upfront from cinemas and private screening...and all that jazz. But also have mercy on us regular fans. This new Nollywood fad that entails a looooooooooooong waiting period before a buzz-filled movie is released on DVD is not fun at all. I do not know about other people, but I personally hate it.

My African Movie Reviews said...

Oh Nolly - typo - true talk - i swear - typo :lol:

free movies said...

Thanks for reviews ! I liked the reviews Shared by you. Looks like you love watching movies. Hey man ! I also love doing same thing.

Gifty said...

OH MS. TILLI!! I'VE GOT NEWS FOR YOU! I think i remember you saying that you have yet to see I SING OF A WELL.. well guess what?? IT'S ONLINE NOW!! just go to arodrive2.com... proceed to the site.. and search for I SING OF A WELL!!
The movie really lived up to the hype for me.. and i can't wait to read your review on it!! :)

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