Saturday, August 7, 2010

Top Funniest Nollywood Movies

So this Friday night - i felt like having a humourous weekend, watching nothing but comedy so i go into my video library to dig for some and come up with several - I just finished rewatching "Keziah" and laughed my head off. This made me decide to make a list of all my top funniest Nollywood Comedic movies. I am sure there are many i still havent seen (esp the ones with Aki and Papaw series). So here is my list - some are full comedy others are not necessary comedy but have a lot of comedic scenes.
One thing too that i find funny is the sound score or background music to these movies, sometimes the lyrics to the song alone tells the whole story :lol: as it did with Mercy Johnson movie "Keziah". Mercy is so silly - i love this girl - such a phenomenal actress.
You can tell me yours too and so if i havent seen it yet i can look for them and watch too. There are many i have watched too which is not necessarily in my video library but i dont remember the name - most of them usually have Nkem Owoh, Patience Ozorkwor etc.
Some of these movies i advice not to be eating whilst you watch because you might choke with laughter as you eat. Becareful.
  • MY BABY (starring Nkem Owoh, Patience Ozorkwor etc)
  • OSUOFIA IN LONDON (starring Nkem Owoh,
  • STRONGER THAN PAIN (starring Nkem Owoh, Kate Henshaw etc)
  • MY IN LAW (starring Nkem Owoh, Clem Ohameze etc)
  • MR TROUBLE (starring Nkem Owoh, Patience Ozokwor, Sam Loc)
  • UKWA (starring Nkem Owoh )
  • MY DESTINY (starring Nkem Owoh)
  • NATIVE SON (starring Ini Edo, Tontoh Dikeh, Mike Ezerounye etc - thank u ini for making me laugh so hard)
  • CALCULATOR (starring )
  • ????? (in this movie Patience was insulting someone and then tells them "I have just started with GENESIS, I am not even yet in Malachi, talk about Habbakuk")
  • POUNDS AND DOLLARS (starring Patience Ozokwor etc)
  • ONE DOLLAR (starring Patience Ozokwor etc)
  • ??????????????? (starring Patience Ozokwor, Grace Armah, Oby Edozieh etc)
  • OK some1 remind me whats the movie Nkem starred with Aki/Pawpaw where they owned a Mechanic shop called Emeka and Sons or something like that.??
  • WHITE HUNTERS (starring Funke Akindele, Mercy Johnson, Ini Edo etc)
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • FISHERS OF MEN (starring Patience Ozokwor, Grace Armah, etc) -It was hilarious
Thank God for comedians otherwise the world will be such a sad place. I love to laugh. I pray God continue to bless the likes of Nkem Owoh whose ultimate goal is to make africa laugh our hearts out. He is truly gifted. He deserves every award he gets and shame for the kidnappers who kidnapped him in 2009 - thank God he is safe now with his family. The whole can not afford to loose Nkem - Mbanu! Tufiakwa!. My friends 70 old grandmother she knows i deal with movies and always up to date, so everytime she sees me she ask me - "Do you have any Nkem Movie for me" - she loves Nkem - thats all she likes to watch.
Let me finish digging my library to come up with more titles (excuse the blanks). If i get movie jackets to some of these movies, i will review it "when i have time". I dont like reviewing movies without the movie jackets.
LOOK OUT FOR MY UPCOMING LIST OF "FAVOURITE VILLAGE THEME MOVIES" - (some call it traditional movies but i call it "village theme") village theme movies are my ultimate african favourite cos there are no pretenses and it showcases true african cultures and customs (i have learnt so much about the igbo culture from watching them and when it stars Patience Owoh or Nkem Owoh, then its a done deal - cos i know i am going to enjoy myself the max watching it. - LOVE PATIENCE IMMENSELY") - the ONLY movie i can recollect she has not acted evil but acted good was "Behind Closed Doors' - other than that - dont trust any of her character to be good - especially when the movie starts with her walking the village street holding a bible or she is in some nun clothes - when u see such - just believe the movie is going to be a long ride with Patience :lol:


Anonymous said...

So...Ms Tilli, I am watching Bad Blood now (Love Tchidi chikere movies. Is this supposed to be a comedy? Because Ini Edo's character (the Bad Twin) and Jim Iyke's character are making me ROTFLMAO. I wonder if that was the intent of the movie.

Usually, whenever Jim Iyke does that his fake US accent thing or Ini Play's a bad girl, they annoy me. But in Bad Blood,they are just downright hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I take that back. That was one sad movie.

nat3asha said...

hi miss tilli i was wondering if you have seen the trailer of 'Inale' by Jet Amata??? it looks really good. it has some good actors and the girl playing the lead role is beautifull (no homo LOL!!)nwei i wont spoil it for you. i found the trailer on youtube.

My African Movie Reviews said...

Yes i have - remember i am always steps ahead of the game when it comes to movies. I will post the trailer on here soon. The pretty lady u are referring to name is Caroline Chikezie. Very known in London on a tv sitcom called Football Wives

Anonymous said...

I think the movie with Nkem and Kate Nuttal is "Stronger than Pain". I saw it on

My African Movie Reviews said...

Oh thank you so much - it is STRONGER THAN PAIN indeed - see why i love u guys - you help me when i can not remember something. Thank you, i was racking my brains trying to remember it.

Now the other one i am trying to remember is one with Patience Ozorkwor and Grace Armah who played her daughter and after Patience husband dies in the village she sends Grace to go to the city to live with her cousin and also to sell her body, To sum it up Patience comes to the city too and then steals her daughters boyfriend - ashawo mother and daughter fighting for one man. It was hilarious

Anonymous said...

The title of the movie you are looking for is 'fishers of men'..... keep up the good work.

My African Movie Reviews said...

Yes yes yes - u are so right thank you so much, FISHERS OF MEN was the title and its so funny

Nollywood Forever said...

You also need to add Bafana Bafana and Kolomental, Eran and Eraq, Tea Or Coffee, Atlanta.

I loved Keziah though... Have you watched the new one "Keziah and Mr Ibu" Keziah goes to NYSC and gets targeted by a bunch of lesbians who entice her with Juju soap, perfume and cream. It doesn't seem as funny to me as the original, but it aiight so far!

Jess Daniels said...

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Kimberly Kyle said...

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