Saturday, August 28, 2010

As we enter the Ninth month (the birthing month) - Expect Good Things

Sorry i havent updated much in the last 30 days - it was a combination of many things going on in my personal life - (am smiling as i type this cos things are going very well). Anyway I am back now - and especially since the long awaited movies are slowing rolling in too (FINALLY -***rolled-my-eyes***). The following movie which are on my list of long awaited have finally being released so look out for my movie reviews (that is if they are worth reviewing):
-Nollywood Hustlers
From my understanding the other long awaited ones as i have listed on the right panel (in blue) is not too far behind. Dont forget my new website is in the works as well (will keep you posted). So this blog (or should i say new website) will be more user-friendly, instead of going thru the frustruation of scrolling up an down just to read whats on the right panel. Dont worry yall - i feel ya frustruation - am workin on it. Slowly but surely.
As the saying goes ninth month is a month of birthing - So to all my avid readers so declare in Jesus Name that this be a month of birthing of all your abundant favor. Everything you have been praying for or seeking for since the beginning of the year, May God Bless you abundantly with it all exceedingly abundantly above what you can imagine. Believe it and You will Receive.
We are finishing this final quarter of the year well (great movie releases and all - cos this has been A YEAR OF TORTURE OF BOMBARDMENT OF ONE CRAB MOVIE AFTER THE NEXT - PERSONALLY I HAVE SUFFERING - I tried methadone and it that didnt work - I need my HIT and i need it now!)


Nolly Forever said...

Have u got your hands on a copy of Nollywood Hustlers? I can't find it anywhere but people have watched it!

Look forward to the rejig! I have been so lame updating because I'm really not inspired by these "crab" movies ad you call em! LOL

bodacious02 said...

Mind Game is out and what a major disappointment! I can't wait for Nollywood Hustler.

My African Movie Reviews said...

Well you shoulda known that ANYTHING STARRING VAN VICKER MUST BE A USELESS MOVIE - you didnt get the memo i see. Dont spend your money on vanvicker movies, just buy a poster of him and star as his PRETTY face if thats what you want.:lol: sorry ohhh ma sister.

My African Movie Reviews said...

Nolly i havent watched Hustlers yet - i think i am getting it in my package this weekend.

bodacious02 said...

I used to say I will only buy a movie ft Van Vicker if either OmoT or Gene stars it in it. Now forget OmoT. I willing to go thru the torture only for Gene.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms Tilli,

Have you heard of Bent Arrow?

I think you should add it to your list of anticipated movies (that is if you want

Here is an article and pictures from the movie -

And as an aside it seems Desmond Elliot now stars in every "anticipated" movie. LOL

My African Movie Reviews said...

Oh yeah i heard about it and looking forward to it. Joke and Husband plus Stella chile puhleese - na you know i need to save my dollars for this one. Yes you are right and i agree it has to go on the list. This is not a fly by night money miss road type production or direction.

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