Sunday, July 25, 2010

Miss Tilii's Website In the Works

I am in process of turning this blog into a real website. I think i have out done the blog thing (Nov 2010 will be this blog's 2nd Birthday) and now want to upgrade a notch to a website platform. I been crawling now i need to stand up. I am extremely busy right now but look out for a launch of my NEW website before the end of the year. Its going to be a lot more user friendly and a lot more interesting topics much more than just MOVIE REVIEWS focusing on GREAT MOVIES ONLY. Its going to be fun.
As u all know I am currently in collabo with my websista Nollywood Uncut and also in talks to collab with another new interesting review related website in the works, so rest assured u will see me around. The more the merrier, You guys will have more choices of webs to browse.
If i continue to see the amount of traffic i see here lately i may have to do this part time instead of letting it be just a hobby i do late at night when i have "spare time" - just so i can dedicate more time to this.
If there is anything u would like to see on my upcoming web - let me know your suggestions.


Anonymous said...

This is the poster that sent you the Talk With Funmi link.

You are fast becoming Nollywood's "Sasha Stone". LOL

Sasha started her blog a couple of years back as a hobby. Today, Awards Daily has now grown into one of the top blogs for reviewing films in general and Oscar hopefuls in particular.

I wish you the same kind of success. :)

Anonymous said...

Could you also post trusted websites where people can buy these African movies online.

Miz B said...

Hi Miz TilL
congrats on that leap in progress! You go, girl! The world is your oyster!

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