Saturday, July 31, 2010

THE MIRROR BOY (Upcoming Movie with Genny)

This is one of the many upcoming movies with Genny. Look out for this. Will post further information as i get it. This movie is a collaboration with Naija and Gambia thus you will see a host of new cast names you may not be familiar with.

Produced by OH Films in association with The Nollywood Film Factory
Starring: Genevieve Nnaji, Osita Iheme, Edward Kaguzuti, Fatime Jabbe with Victor Carvahlo, John Charles Njie, Momodu Musa Cisse and Felix Cisse
Film Credits
Writer/Director: Obi Emelyone
Producer: Patrick Campbell
D.O.P: Clive Norman
Film Editor: Andrew Webber
Graphics: Daniel Tah
Sound Designer: Luke Corradine
Production Manager: Amma Aning
Line Prducer: Gordon Irole
Assocoiate Producer: Fatime Jabbe
Make Up & Hair: Gabriel Okorie
D.O.P Assist: Chukwudozie E. Manuel
Co-Executive Producers: Akin Salami & Patrick Campbell



Anonymous said...

Hi Ms Tilli,

Out of curiosity, have you watched the movie Efficacy, starring Desmond Elliot and Stephanie Okereke. It was written and directed by Tchidi Chikere. I think it was the first movie Stephanie did after recovering from that accident she was involved in a few years back. In the movie she was still using a walking stick.

I could not find the review for the movie on your blog and I just watched it recently and thought it was a good romantic comedy. We do not see a lot of those in Nollywood - i.e. romantic comedies. This one was really simple, sweet and hilarious. Stephanie and Desmond really had great chemistry (and they were not blowing fake accents...thank God.). The supporting characters were hilarious as well.

One of the funniest scenes (for me) was when Stephanie was trying to get a cab home...and knowing Lagos...the cab price negotiations with the different cab drivers changed every minute (as the sun was setting) was really funny. And that was what endeared me to the movie...such little side elements that are usually overlooked in other Nollywood flicks.

I would really love to see a review from you on that flick, even though it is a bit old (more like a Blast From the Past review).

My African Movie Reviews said...

Oh Yes i have seen it and loved it - thats one of my favourite Tchidi movies. Thanks you just gave me an idea, I will do BLAST FROM THE PAST OR I WILL TITLE IT "MOVIE THROWBACK". It will take me time to do that cos there are so many old great movies but i will do it-just give me time. I will put Efficacy on the list amongst other great Tchidi movies

Anonymous said...

Thanks for replying. And I will be looking forward to those Blast From the Past reviews.

Nollywood Forever said...

Yeah I remember Efficacy too!!! I liked that one... Man I remember when I could pick up 10 movies to watch over the weekend and they would ALL be good... Nowadays I may get 3/4 watchable ones amidst a pile of crap... NOLLYWOOD WETIN APPEN???

Unchained-Twist said...

Erm people, back to the topic! ... Just playing! I saw Efficacy too, good film. Meanwhile, do you know when the mirror boy is out? These nollywood people keep whetting my appetite with their adverts, but it's always 'coming soon'! Or, is it already out, but they are just late?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Paparazzi Eye in the Dark? Its also another high quality nollywood movie

Miss T-i-l-i-i (African Movie Reviews) said...

i dont care for such movies with mediocre actors - and paparazi is a typical one (always starring bunny whachmacallit and her lace front crew and almost always van vicker, desmond or someone - i saw enough for me to stop the dvd player .

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