Monday, July 19, 2010

June/Jul 2010-'Tis the Season for Crap Movie Bombardment

I have never see so many crap movies all released in one month like June and July 2010. There are many releases out there - i have watched them all and most of them seem crap - to me at least or simply average not worth purchasing.
I am begging you - dont be fooled by the cast on the cover and rush to go buy these movies. You are wasting your money. By now we should know - the recession clearly has hit everywhere - good actors/tresses are saying yes to any crap script so far as THE MONEY IS GOOD :lol: - "Just SHOW ME THE MONEY - am straight:lol: (dont mind miss tilii - am just teasing :lol: u know how i do).
Like i have said on numerous occasions seldom do new movie releases pass me by. I make sure I watch them ALL, so if i dont review it - consider it crap (at least in Miss Tilii books - but to each his own - YOU MAY LOVE IT :lol:). You can WASTE your money at your own discretion but dont say I did not warn you.
But in conclusion i will have to say I am truly getting disappointed in the slow release from our favourite producers and the numerous outstanding movies we have been waiting patiently for. I mean when exactly are you guys planning on finally releasing these movies - cmon mehn dont do this to us - u are killing us - you dont even know what we are having to endure????. I think am going to have to fall back on my subtitled Yoruba and Francophone movies to make up for lost time.
I have never starved as much like this year before. :lol: - this is July for crying out loud (as Genny will say) - 5 months to the end of the year and you still going to leave as hanging like this. C'mon yall dont do this to us.


Anonymous said...

This year is truly tragic. Real Talk.

bodacious02 said...

All the money I spent on crappy/trashy could have gone twds that coach bag and wallet I saw
at Woodbridge mall the other day.

Anonymous said...

Ms TiLLI,i love your blog.

I thought you will be interested in watching this Talk With Funmi episode that featured some Nollywood actors (Funmi Iyanda's show is aired on MNET Africa Magic):

I would love to know your thoughts.

My African Movie Reviews said...

I watched it and its very interesting. I am in process of turning my blog into a website and actually this is one of the one topic i want to discuss. The hopefuls who want to get in the industry, and HOW WE THE AUDIENCE deem one a STAR - what we are looking for. How the government can help or local businesses can help in funding (at least for GHANA cos we dont have as much money and funding like Naija) - THe sexual harassment silently going on for hopefuls to get lied to in being made a star. Knowing we dont care for just looks - Beauty fades - if they dont know ask VAN VICKER. I want to discuss about the marketers, the rift between ghana and nigeria (the untold story - especially from Ghanas part since everybody is only heard one side of the story), There are a whole lot of discussioin i have lined up for my upcoming website so stay put. Hopefully i launch it by December. Very interesting clip u sent me thank you.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you enjoyed it. If I find the entire episode online I will send it to you.

I guess the part in the clip that summarized the crux of the quality problem African movies have (at least Nollywood movies) is when Bimbo said, "...our industry is populated by illiterates."

I however think that the next generation of films (better quality films) have started coming out with people like Aquila Njamah, Desmond Elliot, Uche Jumbo, etc coupled with the old hands who already knew what they were doing - Tunde Kelani, Jeta Amata, Chico Ejiro, Tchidi Chikere etc taking the reins."

I, do however think what is still laking are fresh stories. This industry cannot continue to rely on just stories from Vivian Ejike, Emem Isong and Uche Jumbo.

I totally agree with what Tunde Kelani told Funmi on that show (she just referred to it on her blog since Tunde's interview was not part of the clip) - "... it [Nollywood] was a child of necessity that has done very well and is embraced by Nigerians and Africans but it is time for literature to meet commerce and skillful film making to create the next generation of Nollywood films."

I love your blog and I look forward to your new website. I had been off African films for over 6 years (could not stand the rubbish that was being produced). I recently (2010) started watching again, when I realized that a select few were stepping up their game. So, I found your site when I was searching the internet for bloggers who review these films. I started reading some of your old posts (by the way totally agree with the "fake accent thing"; the "beauty ONLY does not equal STAR").

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