Friday, July 23, 2010

Fun Discussion on African Movies

To while away our time (as we still wait on great movies this 2010) we are going to have some fun discussions. I own this blog and I am bored out of my wits, and so i can imagine yall are bored beyond description - but its not my fault sha. Shebi the good producers have sat on their work and are all waiting on who is going to release theirs first, as we all sit and wait patiently and suffer from boredom.
I wish there were great movies out for me to review but unfortunately there isnt thus far. This year has been slow. Is not like the movie is not complete, I know of at least 10 movies complete which i know will be great releases, some were finished as far back as 2009 several of them starring Genny (and you know how i love my Genny) but the producers for one reason or the other are not releasing them - for own personal reasons.
The topics are as follows - You are welcome to contribute - and please "This is All in Fun" - nothing personal. I will come back to add more later. Enjoy
Discussion 1: Popular Phrases from African Movies
  1. TUFIAKWA (God Forbid) (honestly the igbos need 2 trademark this word for real - you'll be amazed how many ppl use this word)
  2. Chinekeeehhhhhhhhhhhhh Mehhhhhhhhhhh (Patience Ozorkwor)
  3. This girl has finished me today, chei, chim chim chim chimoooooooooooooooo, Heyu
  4. Abi ohhhhhhh
  5. Kwa???
  6. Abeg go Jooooooh
  7. Ah Ah
  8. Na wah for you oohhhh
  9. Eiwooooooooooooo (Patience Ozorkwor)
  10. Gini
  11. Chei
  12. Nna-ayi.....
  13. Mmazi ......
  14. Igwe
  15. Lolo
  16. Can u imagine???
  17. Please my son, I want to carry my grandchildren before I die!
  18. ?????? or whatever you call your self
  19. Idiot!!!!
  20. Gerra Out of Here
  21. Arant Nonsense
  22. Nicompoop
  23. Didnt i warn you
  24. Will you shut up that your dirty mouth before i shut it for you
  25. Shut up that your dirty mouf (patience Ozorkwor)
  26. Nooooooonsense!!
  27. Anoufia
  28. I will show you this is Lagos
  29. I will show you my name is ......
  31. Before i count to 3 and open my eyes
  32. If i hear "FIM" from that your mouth, I will twist it behind your back
  33. If you dont want me to re arrange that your face for you (Desmond Elliot)
  34. Can u imagine, A whole me??
  35. Do you know who you are talking to
  36. We shall see
  37. You think you can reap where you did not sow?
  38. Every day running ya mouf "Pio Pio Pio.........." like a typewriter (Ini Edo and Patience say this alot)
  39. See me see trouble ooohhhh
  40. OSHO FREEE - FOSA!!!!!! (Rita Dominic said it and it stuck in my mind ever since :lol:)
  41. Hia (Gennys favourite sigh - which has become mine too)
  42. Check me and balance me well - (Mercy Johnson as the twirls her body)
  43. For crying out loud - Genny favourite phrase
  44. Do you understand ??- Gennys favourite
  45. I am in love with another - Gennys other fav saying
  46. How could youuuuuu?? - Gennys other fav saying
  47. You Slapped Me?
  48. I dont understand (i think this is one of the dumbest repititious phrase in all movies)
  49. What is the meaning of this.......????
  50. Chief
  51. I am waiting for my container
  52. My container has been seized
  53. I am going to Abuja for a meeting
  54. You are not getting any younger
  55. There is nothing new under the sun
  56. There is fire on the mountain
  57. When One calls out a persons name called three times and then ask them how many times they called them (eg Emeka!, Emeka!, Emeka!.then the person will ask again "How many times did i call you?.)
  58. Do You Understand? (Ini's Favourite question)
  59. Ehhhhhhh????????? So you want to beat me eh?? okay go ahead beat me, BEAT ME NOW, NONSENSE!!!!!! (Rita Dominic saying this whilst her petite self pushing her head towards the man chest).
  60. I swear to God if you touch me, you will regret it for the rest of your life - Rita's favourite saying.
  61. Eyaaaaaaa , Sorry Ohh(showing sign of pity)
  62. You Nko (usually said a lot in college campus type movies)
  63. I'll be back in a Jiffy (Ramsey's favourite saying - even if his character is a village boy :lol:)
  64. I swear to God (Ramsey's favourite saying)
  65. I am in love with you / I am falling in love with you (all naija actors favourite saying - i guess their definition of love is different from mine)
  66. Breda (as in Brother) - Nkiru's Sylvanus favourite saying
  67. Leave me alone oo
  68. I dont blame you
  69. It is a lie
  70. Init (Ramsey Nouah's favourite as well as Tontoh Dikeh's)
  71. You berra........ (as in you better)
  72. Why are you doing this to me?
  73. Youre my only son dont do this to me
  74. Ini Edo likes to say "JeeesOs" whenever she is angry or surprised.
  75. I cant write this cos its a thing that actor Olu Jacob always does "kinda like an animal growl"
  76. That Tongue clicking thing Ini Edo does with her tongue (Patience Ozorkwor does it too)
  77. What happened??
  78. Whoever sent you tell them u didnt not see me (Patience Ozorkwor
  79. Nnaga nu....... (Wish i understood what this meant.I know its an igbo insult work Patience uses a lot)
  80. God will PONISH YOU
Discussion 3: Scenes I usually fast forward
  1. Court Scenes
  2. Juju mans Scene
  3. Police Station Scene
  4. Mercy Johnson Crying Scene
  5. Screaming Shouting Scenes of Desmond Elliot or Mike Ezeruounye when they are trying to emphasise a point strongly.
  6. ANY SCENE with my WORST ACTORS/ACTRESSES (they know who they are) - if i dont forward i SIMPLY MUTE or if i want to sleep on a sunday afternoon after church i put them on cos they are like HUMAN SLEEPING PILLS FOR ME. (van, jackie appiah crying, kalsum sinari, ali nuhu, rukky sanda, etc etc - oh i got too many to name - A LOT to name)
  7. Chioma Chukwuka in a love scene - boring as hell. Peck Peck Peck. OmoT use to be like that until she loosed up with Van in "My Story" - I am a sucker for romance, BUT I dont like excessive profanity (as prevalent in many Ghanaian movies) BUT at least in a kissing scene make it believable - if not dont bother playing the scene. All that peck nonsense if you are married, stay married and stay off our screens.We want believable acting.
  8. Shopping in the supermarket
  9. Lovers holding hands strolling hand in hand eating icecream and prophesying Shakespearan love for each other.
Discussion 3: Scenes I usually rewind or rewatch
  1. Any thing with Genny almost always i rewind or rewatch over and over. Cant get enough
  2. Any kissing scene with Genny & Muna Obiekwe, or Genny & Majid or Genny & Yemi Blaq
  3. Any Nkem Owoh (Osuofia) funny scenes
  4. Yul Edochie trying to do his yahooze dance moves - I love to watch him trying to dance. He is cute as a button.
  5. Yemi Blaq or Yul Edochie prophesying love to some chic - Damn! the voices sends chill down my spine, mmmm mmm mmm am like "Ohhhhhh wweeeeee" - these two dudes baritone voices make me feel so damn ticklish. :lol: (U so silly Ms Tilii - I know i am)
Discussion 4: Most Ridiculous African Movie Titles (oh my gash i will be here all day on this topic here)
  1. Husband My Foot
  2. Any movie with the word BABES sounds silly
  3. ?
  4. ?
  5. ?
  6. ?


Anonymous said...

LMAO...oh Miss Tilli you had me going!

you forgot Tonto's 'durlin' (darling)

and how can we forget the new phrase 'init?'

nat3asha said...

my luuuuuurve...mercy johnson
money miss road
holy ghost fire!!!!
cyntia...they never pronounce it!!

nat3asha said...

i forgot one of my favs...'I am finished or you have finshed me!!!..'
another one is 'this girl has killed me oh...'

whenever the son / daughter visits parenst esp patience start dancing ..

ashley akinwale said...

patience always says (ginni) another one is chai!

Anonymous said...


I love your blog.

I thought you will be interested in watching this Talk With Funmi episode that featured some Nollywood actors (Funmi Iyanda's show is aired on MNET Africa Magic):

I would love to know your thoughts.

bodacious02 said...

I use tufiakwa a lot with 2 hands over my head and snapping fingers. For some reason I can't fastforward movies if I am watching for the 1st time I just start doing other stuff until whoever stops talking. Worst movie title: American Burger. What kind of title is that? Favorite scenes: I love and rewatch a lot of Genny/Muna scene the chemistry btween them is beyond amazing. I was watching Confidence one of their 1st movies together and the scene when they were both checking each other out CHEI....that was steamy!

bodacious02 said...

Worst movie title has to go to Obama Babes.....what insult! SMH and LMAO

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