Sunday, June 27, 2010

Scent of a Woman (Movie Review)

-John Dumelo as Ben Hilary
-Jim Iyke as Tony George
-Mercy Johnson as Sherry Smith
-Olu Jacobs as Chief Smith
-Patience Ozorkwor as Mrs George (wife of Chief George)
-John Lawson Madueke as Chief George
Executive Producer/ Story
Chinedu Nwani
By Afam Okereke
(great director - Afam am still waitin for "Heavy Rain Pt 2" - wuzzup i=u want me to bug u like i did Emem with Behind Closed Doors Pt 2. :lol: -for those who are new to watching nollywood movies - look for Heavy Rain to watch starring Ramsey Nouah, Emeke Ike, and Chioma Chukwuka. Afam this is my 2nd best directed movie by you - rewatch these two and ask your self what you did right and maybe follow the same trend. Was it the script or the actors or both? - either way i loved this movie)
Fidelis Ewata
By Amechi Ukeje
Movie Duration:
4hrs 10 mins
Production House
Get Rich Production Ltd
DVD Produced and Marketed
By Franco Films (USA)
Inheritance, Family, Love, Power, Family Business
What will Mrs Hilary do when another man (Chief George) takes her husband's properties and company and leave her in the wilderness in a tough economic season. Will she sit and watch or just hope for the best? In mix of all this the Smith Family bids for the same company. Who will win over this business when Chief 'helath is in jeopardy? Will Mrs Hilary reclaim the business for his son or will Chief george calim it for tony his son. In search for a higher position in the company Tony's mother tries to convince Tony to marry Sherry in order to gain access and power. But Ben on the other hand is keeping a good hand on the company to succeed his father's sock and the one of Chief George's. Both mothers are convincing their son to succeed. Who will it be?, lets find out.
My Review
I will give a more detailed review later (obviously using my style of 'never giving you all, but just enough for you to go buy it). The script was a bit flawed especially in many parts of Part 1 and 2 - but to me the acting was very good by John, Mercy and Jim and they held up - undeniably one of the best actors/actress in african movies. With excellent scripts the sky is the limit and they shine like none other. Love them all. We need more producer/directors to continue to challenge them and bring the best out of them.
CONTACT YOUR MOVIE DEALER QUICK AND GET THIS MOVIE - PERSONALLY THIS IS THE MOST INTERESTING MOVIE I HAVE SEEN THIS YEAR 2010 (as we still sit and wait for the long awaited, "bursting out", "private storm" and the whole nine yards.) -
John Dumelo if you are reading this - i say excellent choice of movie - kudos to you - your best choice of till date in my opinion - you acted very well. To me this is your best movie thus far - even far better than "The King is Mine" - you played your arrogant bossy bully role very well, I felt your character and this is what we critics look out for - You were the character.
THEY GAVE A GREAT PERFORMANCE (in my opinion)- i will talk about Jim and Mercys excellent performance later. (Uche Ebere (who played Jims supposed girlfriend) like Biola Ige - i will spare u my harsh words of criticism and ask that you please take a break from acting and get some lessons - u not ready)
Some parts of the scripts were a lil less creative than i wanted it to be and this is where it lost major points. I mean how do you kill off a character right after he finishes writing his will - DOHHHHHH!!!!. That was dumb. And also Wuzzup with the unkept ruff looking bushy hair guy playing lawyer. I looked at his bushy hair just imagining how many hair lice he must have in real life - ewwww. Nothing lawyer about dude and a very bad actor at that. Gosh everybody wants to be infront of a camera acting.
I just bursted out laughing am like Mr Producer you could have been more creative on this part. HOW IN THE HELL DOES A SENATOR HAVE A BED IN HIS OFFICE.
Mercy called out "Mr Ben Hillary" at least gajillion times - i was getting real bored hearing it over and over again
There was a scene where father and daughter (Olu Jacobs and Mercy) were eating Egg Sandwich with fork and knife. Africa whats with all this nonsense. First Orange Juice in wine glass now this. If i Miss Tilii observes and say something they say i talk too much. Who eats bread and eggs with fork and knife.
My Ratings
(Miss Tilii's highest rating thus far in 2010 - just this once, my rating was 60% geared for the "acting" than anything else)


ashley akinwale said...

Havent seen this one yet but i'll will be on the lookout and
miss T-i-L-L-i i really needa talk to you urgent warning about a movie

Nollywood Forever said...

HA! Now I know you have lost your mind... too many crappy movies that is the problem... that is how you got to thinking that this movie was good.

So many unfinished storylines and stuff that didn't make sense. The uncle is made out to be callous and then the next minute he is call kind and sharing. IT was like they started off one way and then changed their mind after filming had started. Check out my review and tell me what you think.

Tell It Like It is said...

To each his own sister. I enjoyed, better than most. Matter of fact i enjoyed it much more than Checkmate which i see u loved.

The movie is 4 hours 10mins (123 mins for parts 1 and 2, 118 mins for Part 3 and 4), so if the vcd you bought did not give you that much then its unfinished. I finsihed watching all 4 hrs 10 mins and enjoyed it.

Was the script a bit flawed yes. Was the acting good by the 3 main stars Yes. So this is why i rate it good. Since this year has been slow with nothing great, i personally think this was a good movie.

To each his own sister girl. I enjoyed it a bit more than the many crap i have seen this year. John and mercy and Jim did a great job though script coulda been better as i mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Miss TiLLi I too am waiting for part 2 of Heavy Rain starring ramsey nouah, chioma chukwuka and emeka ike...please o, please pester Remmy Jes :-)

Anonymous said...

yes, the way Mercy Johnson kept saying 'Ben Hilary' gritted on my nerves too because she did not pronounce 'Hilary' well- the correct pronunciation is 'Hilry' with the 'a' silent- like the way Olu Jacobs pronounced it. I fell in love with John Dumelo here though I think he could do with losing some weight

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