Monday, June 21, 2010

Romantic Agony (Movie Review)

Movie Title
Phil has his own way of making Anita produce wealth and happiness for him. He was her worse nightmare and she was his dream come true. She took pieces of her puzzle...Who would help her rearrange it
Jim Iyke, Mike Ezerounye, Mercy Johnson etc
Love, Cheating, Blackmail, Addicted to Love,
I was going to spend time to review this movie but i changed my mind cos though part 1 and 2 were great, Part 3 and especially Part 4, seemed too dragged on and thus made it loose some points with me. Nonetheless BUY it if you want to spend some money, at least you can watch it to while away your time whilst waiting for the best of the best.
Personally I think this is an enjoyable movie. though some few parts of the scripts were weak in parts 3 & 4. As mentioned before - Its in four parts (its about time they stopped that 4 part nonsense,dont you think? - how bout narrowing all movie into 90 - 120mins max - when it drags on so much as much as this did in parts 3 and 4 then basically tells me the producer lost his touch.)
-Jim Ikye you dey craze :lol: - he made me laugh so much - he acts so well its extremely hard to tell the difference between the real person and the actor - and this is exactly what we critics look out for. Superb performance. Never met him or know him but those who have said he is NOTHING like his character. You have to take your hats off for the man - he is a great actor - but chaley Jim abeg slow your role when you are boning - chei - you want the woman intestines to come out of her mouth? Aba!!!!!! - If truly women had to endure this type of speed in bed, none of us will be walking.:lol: and if we were we will be walking bow legged at all times.
-and as for Mercy Johnson- gotta love her - very good actress- and very funny sometimes - and yes Ms Johnson - we Get it - "You Got it and You Love to Flaunt what ya mama gave ya" - chei - (I now like saying her favourite phrase "I mean - Check me and balance me Well" as she twirls around to show her assets. As for crying it comes to Mercy like nothing - she can bat her eyes in a milli-seconds and tears will be flowing like rainfall.
She played her role well, and my conclusion of her character is "***k is a Helluva drug" :lol: (as my african american friends will say). She just couldnt shake Phil off - everytime she returned to him am like - "Girlllll u have got to be kidding me - you went back????? - what exactly has this guy done to this girl.
- Mike Ezerounye as much as I heard u dont like me cos i gave you a nickname you hate (Roaring Mike) - I tell it like it is - You look hella sexy and scrumtious when you dont scream and growl your lines (Lucky bride Nkechi -congrats or Nkechi is a gorgeous lady too so i'd say Lucky groom Mike :lol:) - you need to act like that more often Mike - we ladies love ya cool demeanor. Like Seriously.
-I truly like the lady who plays Mercys friend, she played her character well (very believable) and out of respect i will find her real name from the credits and post it here - bare with me.
ps: the actress called Biola Ige who played Ada (Phil's side piece in Pt 1 & 2). Biola - abeg stay away from all movie locations - brace ya self cos you may have to wear the Miss Tilii's end of year award and crown for 2010 NOLLYWOOD WORST ACTRESS - it kills me when all pretty faces think they deserve to be actresses. NOOTTTTTTTTT!!!!!. Your acting is embarassing.


Anonymous said...

I too really enjoyed Part 1 & 2 of this movie, part 3 & 4 were a drag. Mercy, jim, Mike and a few did a great job. The bedroom
'play" was very interesting and funny to say the least. Biola igwe, oh my goodness it is always painful to watch her act, she cannot act to save her life, she needs to take a timeout and watch herself on camera, because frankly she sucks.

ashley akinwale said...

to me this movie was just ok, i wasnt fond of the XXX scenes but overall the movie was OK
Biola... Biola not to be mean but i really cant stand her acting shes so annoying and painful to watch sometimes, i guess she needs some acting lessons.

Nollywood Forever said...

I'm actually really really fed up this year! Sooooo bored of all the crap I been watching. I can't even be bothered to update because its just going to be pure abuse I am dishing out and WHO CAN BLAME ME when I have been spending money on trash!!!

As for Biola DUHHHHHHHHHHHHH FACE Ige... Are you kidding me? Abeg make her go do something else. Not only is her face jarring but so is her voice, her mannerisms, the blank expressions... UGH!

nat3asha said...

i enjoyed the movie i especially liked the chemistry that mercy had with jim and mike it was vey believable for Biola, i have seen her in several movies acting the same type of role...its very painfull to watch...i put my vote in miss tilli...she deserves a lifetime ban.

bodacious02 said...

I don't think acting lesson will help this chick. She's that bad. Thoroughly enjoyed part 1 & 2. Part 3 was a bore and part 4 pissed me off. Waste of 2 hrs

marilyn said...

i dont have anything to say anymore...................biola ige is just one useless human that ALWAYS acts asthamtic eeeeewwwwwww.disgusting

Anonymous said...

Parts 1 & 2 were ok. 3 & 4 had me wondering hw 1 person (jim) cud cause so much chaos everywher he went.
Biola Ige (sighs) was & still is annonying as hell. I wonder who gives her roles? Her facial expressions range frm 'blank' to 'blank' ;) always behaving like an asthmatic. Acting lessons can't help her (like van vicker).

Recently saw her in a movie, 'blackmail' I only made it to d end bcos of JD and jackie bt I wantd t tear my hair out.....neway enuff abt her........I'm out

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