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Checkmate (review)

My review will be up in 24-48 hours - but lets just say one of the reasons I DONT CARE FOR Nadia Buari is that accent. A Dzorwulu estates girl raised and schooled in Ghana, She knows she has a ghanaian english accent so why does she always try to americanise the way she speaks when she acts - abeg if you want to go hollywood leave africa movie alone and go audition in hollywood.
Shirley am shaking my head at u for casting her - coulda used even a new face from Legon Drama school or something - one of those beautiful articulate eloquent kind who are not afraid to use our proud Ghanaian accent. Shoulda left her for the Frank Arase and Abdul Mumuni kind to use her. I suggest Nadia and Stephanie Okereke do a movie together titled the FAKERS - am sure tha Veeda who played Kikis supposed sister will fit in well too- Charlies Angels trio.
I will be back with my review later - thus far, great script, but acting coulda been better, I give it 5/10 and am just tired watching Nadia and all her slangings. Just be your self Nadia alll the rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr in your tonation doesnt make you any better an actress.
Ok today is June 4th 2010 am back yall - sorry am late my schnookooms guest. How yall doing today? So here goes...........
-Nadia Buari as Caroline
-Ecow Blankson as Kiki
-Senanu Gbedawo as Kwame the customs officer
-Naa Ashorkor Mensah as Naana – Kwames wife
Director/Writer/Screenplay: Shirley Frimpong Manso
Producer: Ken Attoh
??????????: Chris Attoh
Production House: Sparrow Production (A Shirley Frimpong Manso production)
Coming soon.
Marriage, Cheating, Blackmail, Drug Trafficking
My review
I watched this movie over two days so that alone should tell you it was not that great. The first day I watched it I fell asleep and continued the next day.
Personally I think the storyline was well scripted – however there were a few glitches in the script that did not make sense (go buy it and watch it and detect what I mean.) I really can’t say much for the actors – there is not a single one that stood out for me. Nadia Buari you all know I am not a fan nor care much for – YET. It’s like the same ole same ole with her acting – the slanging is a huge turn off for me. It is always predictable with this girl.
The Ecow Blankson guy who plays KiKi reminded me of the female version of Jackie Appiah – NOT NATURAL – NOT BELIEVABLE!!!!. His acting did not whoo me much some parts of his lines seemed too rehearsed and theatrical for my liking – like am watching him on a stage play or something – you could simply tell he was ACTING and with me when am watching a movie I want you to make me believe its not acting – I want you to "BE" your character so much that i cant tell the difference between the real person and the actor. I want your acting, from the way you speak, talk, walk to be realistic – I did not get that from dude. I guess Ms tilii just loves her some "method acting" - i guess so - i have a short attention span for slow acting and method actors are the only ones who help me escape into make believe when watching them.
The new guy on the block actor Senanu Gbedawo who plays the customs officer Kwame is a “good” actor– one actor with great potential. I got my eye on him anyway.
Actress Naa Ashorkor Mensah (a good Ghanaian actress in my books – the eloquent articulate kind who has no pretences and acts well) thus far has been featured in at least 3 or 4 of Shirley’s past movies and in this movie played Kwame’s (Senanu Gbedawo) wife Naana, was simply ok in this role. Actress Naa Ashorkor has great potential and I think depending on the script she could shine more. I would like to see her in a lead and more challenging role next time.
The end of the movie though not predictable (which is good) I cant say I liked it much and Shirley Please tell me you are not coming out with a part 2 because I personally don’t care much for a part 2. I simply wish the wife should have known about the infidelity of her husband and not leave that topic of infidelity hanging at the end the movie.
The worst scene for me was the last beach scene were all were arrested– very poorly done and not believable whatsoever, I had to pause the movie and ask myself – “Ohhh hell naahhh, wth is this? u have got to be kidding me, wait a minute – is this truly a Shirley Frimpong Manso produced movie or am I being punked” – very poor acting (or directing) and very mediocre – like the kind you get from the “you know who” producers– but not from such a great Producer like Shirley. I was watching that whole scene thinking she musta taken these actors/extras on the spur of the moment or something.

I don’t know whether to blame just Shirley alone, Ken Attoh or just the poor actors they used. I mean the last beach scene was just not great work in my books. I am a perfectionist – either you going to do it right or not at all. Shirley you did almost perfect with “A sting” but as for this one paaaa diye, am sorry - but compared to your past work. "Wei diye - Enye koraaaa. Like Nana Addo will say “Ye ko ye nim”, not backwards (meaning: we are moving forward not backwards) – this was definitely a step back after “A sting” last year.
I love you Shirley no one in the movie industry in our nation Ghana makes me proud as much as you and your Sparrow team do , but am afraid like my name saids “I tell it like it is” (T-i-L-i-i) – and for those of you who disagree with me - as I always have said “we can agree to disagree” (to each his own), it is what it is, I am harder on those I know are good and can always do better.
The picture and sound quality of the movie was good as usual – Shirley never fails us on that and I cannot complain much on that department.
Overall the movie was “good” but definitely not “great” or should I say not the best of Shirley – however with the outpour of rubbish on the market it’s definitely a keeper – am sure many of you would love it. If you have been starving all year for a hit (2010) like I have, and someone throws you a cracker and from a pro such as Shirley Frimpong Manso – it then taste like Digestive biscuit to you no matter what :lol:.
And we wait patiently for all the other outstanding movies this 2010.......... Still waiting patiently.
By the way Congratulations to Shirley for her first child and son. Take a long break and we look forward to something better either before the end of this year (2010) or even 2011. I give you the benefit of doubt for this movie and particularly the casting – maybe you were just tired (and that is understandable), and whilst we are on the subject "Ken Attoh how are you? – this has been a great year thus far hasn’t it? :wink: :wink:
My Ratings:


Anonymous said...

Truth be told I wasn't that impressed with the plot and the characters.

the costumes were nice because they looked good in whatever they wore. Another plus for the movie was the soundtrack which was placed within the film properly, this is one thing nollywood movies lack...even those of well known directors...

As for the new guy, Senanu Gbedawo I expected better cos I wasn't really convinced with his character, and there was no change for Nadia Buari's performance...it was pretty much the same thing I've seen in all her movies *sigh*...

Mehn, there were lots of unrealistic scenes that had me going WTF!!!!!Shirley...really?

One of the problems our directors and actors (Nigerians & Ghanaians) have is the inability to look beyond the plot and give rise to the character development. the characters have to have depth for the plot to be believable...more attention needs be paid to the characters and not the plot. That's why CHECKMATE for me gets a 6/10.

Tell It Like It is said...

couldnt have said it better (i guess u did my job for me and summed it up real good) - this has got to be the worse shirley movie i have ever seen - all the actors and actresses were simply mediocre in my books and i was really bored watching it. I still stick to my 5.5/10. Shirley you coulda casted better but i give u benefit of doubt cos you were pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Miss T for your honest rating. You've said it all SFM of Sparrow Production was not on point at this time. I really did not understand why Awura Ama (daughter) did not tell her mom about her out of the bloom appearance of her supposed anutie Sara..........WTH!! What happened with that scene? I mean Awura Ama was old enough to tell or ask her mom and dad who that lady was. That part was not believeable for me.
My favourite scene was when Naana asked Kwame about the package..........."Whatever it is I'm proud of you"..........that was hallaroius.

Everything you said is the TRUTH.........SFM.....please try harder on your next production.


Nollywood Forever said...

It was good but not good enought especially when you expect alot more... Oh well... Lets wait for these other supposed blockbusters... I tell ya I'm getting so fed up of waiting ooo!

ms L said...

That accent kills me too.. every time i watch nadia, i cant stand that american/british accent. why does she do that ugh?

yehni said...

I agree with your description of the movie especially about the beach scene!!!! It was such a disappointment.

You did'nt say much about the friend of Caroline in the movie!! Why? Or did I miss something?

Finally, I think you are to harsh on Stephanie Okereke i'm an Ivorian, so maybe that's the reason why i can't hear what you hear. But for me Nadia has no accent and the one of Stephanie is good. They articulates very well.

ANYWAY, congrats for the work you do!!!
Now before buying a movie, I check on Nollywood forever or your blog and I've never been disappointed!!!


My African Movie Reviews said...

Didnt say much bout Caroline cos there isnt much to say - sometimes i choose to be quiet if there is nothing nice to say at all. She didnt leave any memorable performance impression on me (but to each his own and this statement applies to your likeness to Nadia and Stephanie, to each his own i say once again - Maybe its our Francophone vs Anglophone sense of ear - must be different i guess. :lol: I hear FAKE ACCENT - i said it once and i will continue to say it.

Welcome to ma blog sista. I am glad you enjoy it as well as my friend Nollys.

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