Saturday, April 3, 2010

Unsigned Youtube Talents (AHMIR)

A lil something different for you all as my easter present (while still waiting for releases of GREAT movies for me to review - hold on tight - they are coming) :
every now and then when i am bored and surfing youtube - i usually listen to unsigned artist with great talent and so far my favourite include HipHOpRinRox (two bestfriends), LisaLavie (From Canada sounds just like Mariah), Sheena Melwani, Zewdy (Ethiopian Teenage Girl from NJ) Airto (from Amsterdam, Holland), and this group here called Ahmir (from US) - Ahmir kinda remind me of BoyzIIMen. I am posting this video - a rendition of Rihanna Take a Bow, they got talent but the reason i am posting is to share the humor of how funny they are. Just watch this

This is their rendition of Beyonce's "If I were Boy" titled "if You were a Woman" - sorry for the quality, for some reason you tube deleted their original great quality videos however someone saved it and this is it. Just go to youtube type AHMIR and watch their several other videoes that was not deleted

This rendition of Beyonce Halo seems to be the few youtube did not delete and the quality is still ok

They are very talented. Support them to get signed if you yearning for some great music (which seems to be fading lately).

here is the teeanage Ethiopian American based in NJ

(dont doubt thats her real voice - at first i thought she was lipsynching but she is not - watch her several other videos)

here is LisaLavie - sounds just like Mariah - she is the best in my opinion - a huge force to be reckoned with as a solo artist

had to post twice for lisa - u gotta listen to her rendition of "HALO"

here is Airto from Holland

Every now and then the unsigned talents get together to collab on a cover and here LisaLavie from Canada and Ahmir from US cover BoyzIIMen & Mariah Carey "One Sweet Day"

and another cover Jason Derulo "Whatcha Say" - once again another collab by LisaLavie and Ahmir - its amaziing how they make it work yet they are in two different countries.

And if you wondering why i love LisaLavie so - this is one of the reason, She and her team came up with the idea of getting 57 ordinary folks from around the world to do this rendition of We Are World to raise funds for Haiti cause- and this i think is better than the one Hollywood did with all those riffaff rappers spoiling the damn song.
Though nothing beats the original version I also appreciate this version and I thank LisaLavie and her team for putting this together and a salute to all those 57 ordinary ppl (waiters, cashiers, teachers, etc - ordinary folks with dreams of singing to an audience - if you watch carefully Ahmir, Airto and all the rest are in there too to support the cause) - I just really love this. Very Good - Maybe Nollywood and Gollywood shoulda done one too abi?

Forget American Idol or X Factor (Idol ko, Idol ni)- now all the above is what we call real talent.

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