Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Burning Tears (April 2010 release)

I must say as picky as i am - i quite enjoyed this movie and will review it soon, so look out for that - Quite Nice movie.


Storyline/Producer: Nwawulu Arthur

Director: Ifeanyi Ogbonna

Screenplay: Ruth Kadiri



Mike Ezerounye as Dr Kester/Kelvin

Tontoh Dikeh as Amara

Kalsum Sinare as Chinwe

Eve Esin as Nurse ChiChi

Amanda Ebeye as Nkiru

(message to Mike eventhough you hate me cos i gave you the nickname "Roaring Mike", no harm meant, :lol: - If you knew how hella scrumptious and sexy you look when you dont roar and scream, you will keep this new found gentle demeanor up this 2010 and beyond. Long overdue Mike - we like you more when you dont roar and shout - good job :lol: and to Ms Tontoh Dikeh I dont know what is happening to the face- but whatever it is, it is becoming obvious and u may wanna tone it down a notch - you are still beautiful sista - get it together)



The story is about two sisters Nurse ChiChi and Amara who live with their mother in the village. ChiChi is a nurse and her sister Amara is the tom boy/ tree climbing, foul mouth speaking and just the black sheep of the family - uneducated, hot tempered and disrespectful to everyone- while ChiChi is the calm one working as a nurse at the local clinic.


Amara decides to relocate to the city for greener pastures since there was no hope for her in the village. She goes to the city and lives with her friend Nkiru who had also lived in the village before relocating to the city, and to her surprise Nkiru's job was prostitution (rollseyes - isnt it how the story goes always in nollywood movies when a villager move to the city ) - Nkiru convinces Amara to join her in the trade or else she is not housing her under her roof after her hard work of coochie ridings & b.jobs (:lol:) - Amara feeling she has no choice and after much pressure and falling over 10 times simply trying to take a step in high heels (that was a funny scene). And the story goes on with shots between the city and the village ..........go grab ya copy and watch it. I dont like giving movies away and telling the whole story.



Drama, Village, City, Prostitution etc


My Review:

The movie was just ok - i was able to sit through it from beginning to end because i was actually curious for the ending. Tontoh is truly a great actress if she tones down all the gragra a lil bit. For the character she played in this movie all that gragra fitted her well. She was just ruthless and notorious with her family and friends - the crazy black sheep of the family. The lady who played her sister ChiChi (I think her name is Eve Esin) - i have been seeing a lot lately on screen and I would say she does have potential to be greater - i like her depending on the role/character she plays and I think she did well in this movie. Mike Ezerounye to me is a better actor when he doesnt scream and shout like he always does - for his character as Dr Kelvin/Kester, he was calm (most of the time) and collective (and for a minute he was looking quite scrumptious to me - :wink: :wink:) - He played his character well.


In part 1 of the movie after Amara moved to the city I was getting confused - am like "is the village that close to the city that Dr Kelvin works by day and goes and have fun in the city by night, but as the movie continues everything fell in place and I understood why.


All the actors/actress played their character well (especially Tontoh Dikeh) - and i enjoyed the movie. Go grab ya copy


My Ratings: quite a few flaws but nice nonetheless - i was able to sit thru it, not a stellar movie, but nice notheless.




ashley akinwale said...

the movie was good, but i didnt like how kesto died and kalsum died too. but overall i enjoyed it and also i wanted to tell you about a movie story i created so plz email me ashleytomi@comcast.net
also thanks for accepting my friend request on facebook

abimbola05 said...

Just started watching this movie. will post my review later. I just noticed the trailers for upcoming movies r so dry. WTF is Obama Babes??? Lord have mercy!

Anonymous said...

Tonto rocked ass in the movie...she was the hightlight of the entire film...

and Mike was actually calm in this one and I was happy (very)....

Anonymous said...

In my own opinion. This film deserves more rating than it got. I actualy enjoyed it. Tonto did great and mike. Chi chi(eve esin) did well if only she would stop rolling her eyes and act to the point but overall the movie was enjoyable and not predictable.

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