Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jan/Feb 2010 is very slow - No "GREAT" release yet

Am i the only one bored out of my mind this first quarter of the year with lack of great movie releases.
I am scratching my neck like a crack fiend. For gosh sakes I need a hit. Cmon Emem, Vivian, Shirley, Tchidi, Lancelot - where yall at???? :lol: -
I guess i have to pop in some of the old hits and put them on rotation - I mean do i have a choice.


Miz B said...

Miss TiLLi! Good movies take time to 'bake'! So hey give them time (haha!) in the meantime you can chill with the next best thing...Tyler Perry movies! lol

Tell It Like It is said...

yeah i know, right? i have to go thru my library - ok i know what to watch, am going to watch Behind Closed Doors (i havent given up on part 3, i am goin to give Emem wahala until she comes out with the Part 3).

Anyway I am all excited to meet Magid soon, he is coming to Atlanta to see his many siblings he hasnt seen in a while. He has a lot of siblings and several of them i know live here in A-town (Atlanta), they are planning a luncheon for him and you know am going to be there.

Anonymous said...

You are so right, Feb and Jan have been so slow...i need me some african movies too.When is Bursting out, Ije,memories or my heart, tango with me coming out?

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