Wednesday, February 3, 2010

If i see one more release of a royal theme movie

if i see one more release of a ROYAL THEME movie, i am going to screaaaaaaaaaaaam.
Gosh, cant u write anything else. King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Your Honour, Your Highness, blah blah blah, i am so tired of it.
Its not even realistic like they make it seem. You rode on the "Coming to America" theme for far too long, we get it, move on get back to the drawing board and write something creative - FOR ONCE (and this message is to those producers and directors constantly writing Royal Theme movies.) - You need to up your game on your script writing and stop all this royal royal nonsense.
January 2010 is a slow month so i contact my dealer for my stash and all he shows me are royal theme movies. Gosh .....
Shirley Frimpong Manso, Vivian Ejike, Emem Isong etc etc- please save us, we are suffering.


Myne Whitman said...

I just saw Sting in a Tale and I loved it. Not touching nay royal themes with a long pole. Though Lancelot Imaseun has one coming out soon. Home in Exile

JuaNita said...

I liked the typical 1890s village themed ones though..not the modern ones..all about killing bffs off just for their hussies attention..*sigh*

Anonymous said...

wow silent scandal is off the chain it is about time nadia and uche star in some thing new keep me posted at

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