Saturday, January 23, 2010

I eagerly wait just as much as you do

People have been contacting me to update the blog, Abeg its not my fault jare, and i just dont review ANY movie, my time is spent reviewing only GREAT movies and so far we are 3 weeks into the new year and the greats are still being waited.
I seen a few crap released so far this year (seen posters with actors and producers names enough for me to make my judgement) which i am not paying attention to - I simply do a quick "drive by" :lol: ( This is the term I created in 2006 called "DRIVE BY ACTORS/ACTRESSES - which means you see them and you simply do a fast drive by, dont look left or right, just walk on by - dont waste your money. )
I am eagerly anticipating all the great releases just as much as you, with Emem Isong/Desmond Elliot "BURSTING OUT" being first. Here is the trailer from youtube.
(high anticipation is an understatement)
This 2010 I will suggest to Emem to start creating websites for her movie releases if affordable. We are upgrading a notch.
-As i stated before Genevieve Nnaji "Tango with Me" is not released until May 2010.
-Vivian Ejike's "Private Storm", am not exactly sure when it is released.
-Shirley Frimpong Manso i hear is working on something new. Take ya time Shirley - we will wait.
- "Da Governor" Lancelot "Home in Exile" will be officially premiered in Ghana in the next few weeks (i wish i was there). I will advertise more on this later after speaking with Kiki.
I am back to ATL (for now) so thank God no more slow internet. Ohhhh i swear that is my biggest pet peeve back home. I cant stand slow internet. I can deal with the occasional power outage , bad driving and open gutters, but slow internet makes me wanna yank my hair out ma scalp.

ps: Please check out new nollywood entertainment site to where i will be contributing my 'brief' reviews to. Site owned by Miz B


Harry-Rami Itie said...

Thanks for d update

Myne Whitman said...

We're waiting for them oo and yeah Nollywood uncut is really good.

Miz B said...

Thanks Guys... for the support and and the compliment...youre too much. Just trying to do our best to make Nollywood a better place!

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