Friday, December 18, 2009


White Actors
• Meryl Streep
• Elizabeth Taylor
• Julia Roberts
• Leonardo DiCaprio (Its extremely utterly unfair they keep passing him on an Oscar – Titanic shoulda been it)
• Anthony Hopkins
• Sean Penn
• Jack Nicholson
• Ashley Judd
• Chalize Theron
Black Actors
• Sanaa Lathan (my heart - love her to bits like i do my Genny)
• Angela Bassett
• Gabrielle Union
• Jada Pinkett
• Cicely Tyson
• Elise Neal (she’s the Cicely Tyson of or generation)
• Regina King
• Malinda Williams (Bird from Soul Food)
• Nia Long
• Derek Luke (the Sidney Poitier of today)
• Denzel Washington
• Blair Underwood (very underrated)
• Lonette McKee
• Michael Wright (Eddie King from 5 Heartbeats – very underrated)
• Larry J Lennix (very underrated actor. I’ve started a Facebook campaign rooting for him to be casted in the President Obama Biographical movie – I predict he will win an Oscar WHEN given the chance to portray him)
• Morgan Freeman
• v

Child Actors
• Keke Palmer (the Angela Bassett of tomorrow – MISS PRESTIDIGITATION)
• Journee Smollet
Lawd knows i love me some Denzel, but not just as an actor but a producer as well. I always use Denzel Washington as a prime example of a good producer/director. It takes a great director to make the a star shine on screen (even if the movie is the actors very first) and he did just that with Derek Luke in “Antwone Fisher Story” his first directorial debut and then did it again with his sophomore movie called “Great Debaters”. I admire Denzel’s great eye for new talent. You are guaranteed not to be disappointed.

My favorite TV shows of all Time
-Sex In the City (i have watched it a gazillion times, favourite episode when Carie got robbed in the alley for her Manolo Blahniks, am a shoe addict and knew how it must have felt. Kill me before you take my good shoes)
-Soul Food - The Series (HBO)
-The WIRE - Gotta love my Stringer (not cos he is Ghanaian - I just loved his character)
- Keeping up with the Kardashians - (I adore Kims sense of style and maybe i want her man Reggie too :lol, Khloe is so silly, and as for their Mom Kris, i want to grow up and look as good as her with so many kids. )
- Real House Wives of Atlanta and Real Housewives of NJ.

As for Favourite Hollywood Movies my list is damn too long. So lets just leave it at that.

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