Sunday, November 1, 2009

Heart of Men (A Frank Arase Movie)

Majid Michel, Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Nelson, Nadia Buari, John Dumelo and Others
In a world of greed and fortune hunting, only fast thinking and desperate moves rule the mind.!...Love only exists for a reason...A price...murder...betrayal, blackmail, scams, cons and counter plots engulf the heart of man
Frank Arase - 3-in-1
My Review:
Well being that it is a movie by Frank Arase (and his sidekick Abdul Mumuni and their crew) whom i have never been a fan of I wouldnt have watched it in the first place, but i did cos i wanted to see Majids Ass shot and yes I saw it.
Sex Scenes very explicit just as we all saw in the preview. Majid acting was convincing and "great" (but i'd advice he slows down sometimes when he speaks - he tends to talk real fast 'sometimes) - the other actors were "good" especially Jackie playing an older woman (as her characters mother) was convincing enough - the script - was just "ok" - nothing to ride home about.
Did i purchase this movie with my precious money? - Hell to the NAW - someday when Frank Arase proves me wrong and be more creative with his writing and production - maybe i may buy his movie, right now i still stand - I have not and will not by his movie. He has never Whaoed me yet with any of his movies.
Whoever disagrees with my review or low ratings - to each his own. I know this movie has had a lot of raves/controversy before it was released this week due to the explicit sex scenes but honestly - this whole movie was just ah-ight - i didnt walk away feeling like Whao, exellent movie, I mean its nothing to ride home about. And i still cant believe ghana movie association or whomever regulates allowed this ish to be released with such explicit scenes - RATED 18 yes, but please all these youngster in primary, secondary will get a hold of this movie in the market and watch it.
Naija wouldnt even let Emem Isong release GUILTY PLEASURES movie jacket in naija with Nse's Etim bareback cos they define that as to explicit - well i guess Ghana dont mind all that - The sex scenes were distasteful & border line disgusting just as you all had seen in the preview. I popped in that borrowed dvd NOT expecting much - and low and behold I didnt get much from the script - except Majids ass shot - pretty sight.
So apart from all the 'boning" scenes - MAJID acted well - he is always convincing in anything he plays, he knows how to display emotion in any scene that call for it and that is his strength, unlike ........ (ok let me keep my mouth shut), It seems like sometimes you dont even have to direct him much) - that is why i get so dissapointed sometimes when he saids YES to such wrong scripts. For him to even say in some recent interviews that this movie is one of his best - am looking at dude with some serious side eye, like "Majid r u serious? You gotta be kidding me right?
I just have such high hopes for Majid, i just wish he will work with nothing but the best and choose, excellent scripts and nothing else. You are just moving on up Majid, becareful what you put on your CV/Resume - you have your eye on the prize, keep it there, and dont look left or right or be lured by money to act any nonsense. You are too good for that.
I walked away from the movie thinking - hmm this reminds me of the african american cast movie called "Trois" and i swear i couldnt remember the storyline, all i remember was there were some many explicit sex scenes in that movie Trois. The many sex explicit scenes is all the movie "TROIS" is known and rembered for - not many remembers the storyline, like I DONT.
My whole point is as an upcoming actor/tresses, just be selective in your roles and scripts you say YES to. You are building your CV for life and you want to be remembered for nothing but GOOD work. I give Majid the benefit of doubt for this one with believe he will act in a more better scripted role to override the not so great movies he has put on his CV
(My role play for upcoming Hollywood actress gorgeous Kenya Moore (of Trois fame - sorry thats all i remember her for) and Hollywood Casting Director for movie "Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons":)
Director: Oh hi Kenya - so you want to try out for this upcoming movie starring opposite Brad Pitt called "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button as (Brads mom), well let me see your resume, and in the mean time tell me about your self and what work you have done, tell me what memorable or big movie have you done before.
Kenya: Oh i did Trois
Director: Trois?? oh ok, never heard of it. Do you have a tape (director pops in the tape of TROIS watches 15mins of it) ....Oh ok Kenya thats nice thanks for stopping by- we will call you soon ok. Director throws the movie into a trash can after Kenya walks out, and immediately gets on the phone and calls the manager of Taraji P Henson to get her to audition due to her memorable performance in previous movies - Taraji plays the role of Queeni in Curious Case of Benjamin Button (playing Brad Pitts mom so convincing and well played - and gets an oscar nomination for it) :lol: Catch my drift????
My Ratings:


Nollywood Forever said...

I have not yet watched it but I have started watching it and it just seemed like a waste of time so I don't know if I will even get itno it...

IT started off ok then I got to where Majid was talking really really fast for a good few minutes. I couldn't understand a word so I just switched off.

I was looking forward to this as even though the Mumumi and co duo have over dramatic and stupid stories alot of the time I still enjoy them this one seemed pretty stupid though from what I saw so far. It is not something I would even consider going back to watch unless I wanted to review it.

I too am glad I did not buy (see i'm learning! You taught me well!) This looks like it could be on par with Shakira or maybe an even lower rating.

Anonymous said...

I've watched the movie and found it tasteless. Apart from watching MM's hairy ass (eeewww) and long sensless sex scenes, not much research and attention to detail. How does a bleeding body wrapped in snow white sheets disappear from the boot of a car and the sheets remain stainless!?!?!?!

Tell It Like It is said...

Well thats Frank Arase at his best, everything he does is PURE WASTE OF TIME, i guess this is what we call village champions creativity.

Violet said...

@ Nolly, where is the review for "heart of man"?
I did watch this movie last nite and I thought this movie was hilarious, its really a powerful movie.

Its one of the best movies that ghollywood and nollywood together has ever produced.
What I like about it is that its not predictable like many Nigerian movies. Cos what one think will happen it wouldn't happen that way.......

The pics are clear and the sound is brilliant,
Again I would like to congratulate Majid for the job well done.........boy oh boy, u are one of the fewest finest in Africa.......... keep the fire burning

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