Thursday, October 15, 2009

Time Magazine Offensive & False Depiction of Nollywood

I am too busy to comment on this right now, cos in am in the middle of writing a long lettter to the editor of TIME MAGAZINE.

They not only Insulted Nollywood but insulted the audience and those of us that watch nollywood movies.

WARNING: THESE PHOTOS ARE DISGUSTING, SO BE WARNED - NSFW!!!!!,29307,1926470_1955596,00.html

or you can see larger photos here:
Just view these photos they have on their site depicting Nollywood (there are 12 photos make sure you view them all). Enough of this false depictions of Africa (the continent) and africans.

Apparently Pieter Hugo the photographer who took these photos plans on exhibiting these photos early next year.

I am searching for the email of the editor of this mag and will post soon.


movielover said...

I dey ya back like dele! Worraheck???

Absolute bunkum!

Dem craze??

Erica said...

Hello! I'm African American and a big admirer of Nollywood movies, so imagine my surprise when I saw that a feature was going to be done in Time. I'm always leery of journalism here in America because it tends to be slanted and skewed when it comes to spreading information. When I saw the pictures, I was baffled and disgusted. Where are the actors/actresses from Nollywood? I didn't recognize anyone in those pictures and I couldn't understand what these pictures had to do with Nollywood (a term I dislike but hey!) movies.

Tell It Like It is said...

Hi ERica
welcome to this blog. The Time Magazine and the photographer who took these photos with the aid from traitors (who possibly wanted to make a quick buck by assisting this foreigner in nigeria to take these photos) - havent heard the last of this topic. The awareness is being raised - all of us our writting to the editor of the magazine as well as the
photographer who plans on exhibiting these photos. They stepped on the tail of the wrong tiger.

Matter of fact sometimes bad publicity is sometimes a blessing in disguise - cos we shall be heard on this.

We are raising the awareness on this offensive depiction of us. This doesnt only affect nigeria but all of us africans who are always protrayed in such a negative way.

Enough is Enough.

ps: as for the name nollywood (beats me too) but matter of fact i think Gollywood (ghana movie industry) sounds even more ridiculous. Like we have to justify it with a "WOOD" at the end. I like -you would love an alternative name.

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