Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I hate watching african movies and seeing ppl faking their accent, My hand will be on the forward button instantly.
This is the same reason i cant stand watch african movies shot abroad (recent ones shot in Virginia, Maryland, Atlanta etc) with MEDIOCRE actresses who cant act a lick to safe their lifes - nigerian girls who probably came to america aftter university in naija and all of a sudden just cos they have lived inusa for 5 or so years they want to rattle. Synthetic hair, fake eyes,fake nails, clown makeups and fake accent - is too much for one to take.
I will never watch movies with such crap almost always its guaranteed to be crap - predictable nonsense.When i watch nigerian movies or ghana movies, i want realness, I want to hear real african accents like - cos if i wanted hollywood movies with hollywood accents i woulda gone to blockbuster and borrowed one.

Actors who are warned about their faking of accents in movies

I dont want to hear fake accents from these individuals

-Stephanie Okereke (i mean words cant describe her and her accent - i think its a disease for her - STEPHANIE HAS A FAKE ACCENT DISEASE - SHE CANT SHAKE IT OFF ;LOL:)
- Jim Iyke (at least since he returned after the actors ban 3 yrs ago he toned a bit but please dont give him a role where he is playing a yankee boy cos for sure he will start rattling his nonsense again)
-Nadia Buari of Ghana (we know you want to go to hollywood but slow ya role, you are good not great so stop flattering yourself and acting with an accent like you dont come from ghana.
-Eucharia Anuobi (and her fake disgusting british accent – Woman you aint no Joke Silva, at least with Joke it suits her well – go sit down somewhere UK)
- Mike Ezerounye (fake accent and screaming - double trouble)
- Desmond Elliot (dependig on the role - fake accent and screaming - double trouble)

- Emeka Ike (i still dont know why dude is famous)

-Bob Manuel Odukwu

The actors who are real and stay true and proud of their african accent and thus whom i commend:
-Genevieve Nnaji
-Rita Dominic (no need for introduction)
-Bimbo AKintola (all the cast of Keeping Faith kept it real)
-Chioma Chukwuka

-Uru Eke (starred in Widows men)
-Ufuoma Ejeonorbor (starred in Saving Sarah)
-Mercy Johnson (except when she is play city roles or acting a role of a spoilt brat, village roles suit her best
-Ini Edo (except when she is playing city roles where she starts to fake accent and thats why i would rather she remains in village roles for ever cos it suits her best)
- Kate Henshaw (she has to be one of the realest when it comes to showcasing her nigerian accents, no pretense whatsoever and i absolutely love her for being her)

-Zach Orji

-Muna Obiekwe
Maybe yall can fool those who live in najia/ghana and never travelled out of the country but let the truth be known, when you fake your accent we know you are faking your accent, you are not fooling anyone and honestly you look nothing bUT "RETARDED" when you force your accent so stop it.


Even if the character means you just arrived from a four year college or 2 yr gradschool abroad, that doesnt mean it is necessary to fake your accent.
Someone called KK made a comment on another blog and i think he couldnt have said it any bettter, He/she said in reference to much talked about Stephanie Okereke and her fake accent "their accents are proofs of insecurity in themselves.A woman that is not secured in herself is not beautiful. No matter how much cleavage you pop out and how flawless the skin.
another person said "one day the girl go bite her self…for instant sometime she says “exaitly” instead of “exactly” and something she says “espect” instead of “expect”…and it is all in trying to speak with a briamerinese(British,American n Vietnamese -just to mention a few) accent"

considering most movies with good ratings are all village movies, i think nollywood should simply stick to village set movies and forget the rest playing city girls and faking accents can never cut it. too much force force. This is why i love me some Tchidi Chikere movies, cos he does a lot of village movies and you are guaranteed to entertainment with no pretence or faking accent.
Give me a nice village movie staring Ini Edo or mercy johnson opposite my one and only Patience Ozorkwor and her side kick evil counterpart(if u r not entertained byt these two in one movie then i dont know what else) Chiwetalu Agu (very excellent underrated actor and i always look forward to his igbo “sayings” ) and that makes me so happy -you will find me relax with my cup of holicks on a sunday afternoon after church – phone switched of and just chilling watching my nice village movie on my 42 inch plasma. Feels like christmas.
There aint nothing like a nice village script movie
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Nollywood Forever said...

Hanks Anuku sounds pretty dreadful too... People say he lives in America... SO WHAT... That accent just sounds forced and too drawly... Because you live in America does not mean you will pick up an accent ESPECIALLY as an adult, it would take a looooooooong time and certainly more than a few years!

I am so glad think Hanks, Hank or whatever he calls himself... is no longer in movies.

Tell It Like It is said...

oh mi gash how can i forget hanks anaku or whatever he is called.

When he speaks i always feel the man just scooped a handful of gravels off the ground and chewing on it as he speaks, cos i cant understand a word he saids in that fake accent.

Anonymous said...

This was a funny post and i'd haft to say that some Americans do the same thing when they go to different parts of the country and come back to their home state. Nollywood forever is right u just don't pick up an accent that easily but some people try and the people around them haft to tell them to tone it down.

Anonymous said...

well, I think you are wrong about Nadia Buari's accent being fake- she speaks with a very polish accent- the result of spending part of her childhood in the United States of America

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